Friday, April 15, 2005

SVN r4839

Fifty new commits to the SVN this week. I'm going to try to organize them by application:

First, a little catch up. Preceding this week's efforts:
  • David and Andy have made a lot of improvements to the pick/pack and picklist management features in the facility manager.
  • Andy had implemented a feature to scan incoming emails, search their contents, and route them to the correct recipient, which is a very useful feature for Customer Service in a CRM application.
Entity model and seed data changes
  • r4827 - PartyFixedAssetAssignment - roleTypeId
  • r4833 - Quote - statusId, StatusItem - new seed data
  • r4836 - OrderItem -> QuoteItem relationship
Base and Framework Changes
  • New UtilTimer.makeTimer factory method (r4822)
  • Entity cache changes - bug fix? (r4816)
  • A fix for Orion 2.0.5 stream/writer setting (r4801)
  • Better exception handling in EntityComparisonOperator (r4799)
  • TransactionUtil fix for transaction timeout problems (r4797)

Catalog Manager
  • The Catalog Manager has been "modernized"--the conversion to screen-widgets is completed. (SVN r4806, r4814, r4819, r4821, r4826)
  • There is no longer FOP in catalog manager controller (r4824)
  • HtmlFormWrapper allow passing in context as MapStack (r4812, r4813)
  • The eCommerce application has been migrated to CSS-formatting (SVN r4791, r4818, r4820).
  • The first address is selected if no address is associated with cart (SVN r4828)
  • Request return page uiLabelMap fix (SVN r4825)
Facility Manager
  • Product internal name added to stock list report (r4792)
Order Manager
  • There is better sharing of duplicate files between eCommerce and Order Manager (SVN r4832)
  • The Order Manager now has a quote-to-order feature. According to Jacopo, this is how it works: In the left side bar of order entry, there is supposed to be a new link to the new "Find Quotes" page. You can search for and find quotes (only "Approved" quotes will show up in search results.) Once selected, all quote items can be added to the cart. Once the order is created, the Quote's status is changed to "Ordered." Finally, in the order details page, there is a link from each order item to the quote. (SVN r4823, r4833, r4835, r4836)
  • Couple of minor bug fixes to the specialized wholesale application. Still experimental at this stage. (SVN r4837, r4839.)
  • Find return page bug fix (SVN r4838).
  • OrderServices fixed tax-recalc service (r4809)
  • Avoid adding duplicate requirements to cart (r4795)
  • Order manager fixed problem of no quick add categories associated with catalog (r4794)
  • Manufacturing forms includes (SVN r4815, r4817)
  • Manufacturing select BOM formula dropdown (r4808)
  • Fixed label problems in various widget forms (r4803, r4804, r4805)
  • NPE fixes in manufacturing (r4796)
Work Effort
  • Work effort links to look up products (r4790)
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Internationalization (r4800)


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