Friday, April 29, 2005

SVN r4930

49 new commits this week. SVN r4930 builds and installs successfully. Important changes are:
  1. New gift certificate implementation
  2. Fixes for Payment Gateway services
  3. Continuing HTML/CSS cleanup
  4. Seed data ready for GL implementation
  • HTML/CSS cleanups across all applications (r4895), for moving to XHTML 1.0 standard.
  • New French localization UI labels added (r4905)
  • Payment method event fixes (r4916, r4917, r4918)
  • errorMessageList and eventMessageList fix in envsetup.bsh across all applications (r4924)
Entity and Seed Data
  • GlAccountHistory no longer has an isClosed field (r4892)
  • FinAccount entity has a finAccountCode (r4899) for gift certificates
  • GIFTCERT_ACCOUNT type added to FinAccountType entity (r4899)
  • Quote entity now has a currencyUomId (r4902)
  • Exception handling when loading value of unknown type (r4922)
  • new PartyAcctgPreference entity for defining accounting preferences (tax form used, COGS method) (r4928)
  • new seed data for US tax forms, COGS methods (r4928)
Base and Framework
  • BshUtil and TransactionUtil error handling improvement (r4885)
  • catalog xml files are added for entity, minilang, service, widget (r4886)
  • TransactionUtil no longer throwing an exception on rollback (r4906)
  • Service event handler will now pass multi-select boxes to service as a List (r4909, r4910)
  • RMI client added to build (r4911)
Accounting Component
  • FinAccount entity is now used to track gift certificates with the addition of a finAccountNumber field. New services in accounting/servicedef/services_finaccount.xml (r4899)
  • Payment gateway function fixed so that orders can be created for PartyGroups (ie, companies) without payment processing problems (r4919)
  • include files for dates and countries removed from accounting and shared with common (r4920)
  • layout settings bug fix (r4923)
Accounting GL Project Implementation
  • Service for trial balances finished
  • Seed data for demo organization, including accounting preferences, GL account settings, created
  • Service for creating company accounting settings done
eCommerce Component
  • External shipping calc (USPS) problems will no longer cause shipping options page to fail (r4907)
  • New address on split checkout fix (r4914)
Manufacturing Component
  • Production run name is used to track origin of production runs (r4896)
  • Field name bug fixed in a requirement form (r4927)
Order Component
  • Bug fix when trying to do prev/next on product which is not in category (r4884)
  • Bug fix for fixed asset product type of FAPT_USE (r4889)
  • Purchase orders no longer show up in order stats page (r4893)
  • Quote to order process enhanced: currencyUomId added to Quote entity, quoted items are put into cart with quoted price and not mixed with non-quoted items of the same product (r4902)
  • Scale weight bug fixed (r4904)
  • Link to Configure instead of Add to Cart for configurable products (r4913)
  • "Order tasks" tab no longer in the order manager (r4925)
Party Component
  • Party manager services.xml now split into services.xml and services_view.xml. These service definitions were moved: getPartyContactMechValueMaps, getPerson, getPartyFromEmail, getPartyFromuserLogin, getPartyFromName, getPartyFromGroupName, getPartiesByRelationship (r4891)
  • New services for traversing parent/child organizations: getParentOrganizations, getRelatedParties, getChildRoleTypes (r4892)

Product Component
  • Fixed bug in ProductStoreWorker.getSurveys method (SVN r4882, r4883)
  • Edit product features page cleanup in catalog manager (r4890)
  • A new price rule and type for wholesale pricing (r4900)
  • New service for adding product to multiple categories (r4912)
  • Virtual products no longer show up in inventory report (r4926)
Travel System
  • Layout updates to front end (r4887)
  • More restricted access to back end login id (r4897, r4898)
  • Backend bug fix (r4908)


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