Friday, September 22, 2006

OFBiz Development SVN r448978

43 new commits this week. SVN r 448978 installs and builds successfully.

A week of many nice enhancements and bug fixes.

Base and Framework
  • Added request definition to allow the locale switch in the Shark application. (r 446823)
  • Allow extending a form widget from a different file with the same form name using an extend="" to point to the parent form (r 446825)
  • Added Solo & Switch cards (Barclays) and Visa Electron Purchasing validation. (r 446941)
  • Attributes/Roles/Features was not shown on the list into Data Resource tab of Content applicatio (r 446771)
  • fonts.pdf report converted from JPublish to screen widget. (r 446821)
  • Hidden grand total cost info in BOM simulation: it's too confusing. (r 447801, 447802)
  • Fix misc bugs in marketing campaigns screens (r 447973)
  • Links in screenlet headers use now class rather than style (r 446923)
  • Fixed bug during the drop shipment development effort: if the OrderItemShipGroup.supplierPartyId was set to "" (not null) when the supplier for the ship group was not selected, which happens when the order is not drop shipped, a fk violation error happens when the order is created. (r 447424)
  • Sort orders on order list by date instead of orderId, which can be unreliable if there are multiple instances running at the same time (r 447495)
  • Enhanced the send confirmation email link on orderview page to preview generated email and edit it, then send it out (r 447585)
  • Fix annoying bug where bad orderId in Find Order will crash instead of just return not found (r 447604)
  • Small fix that prevented the first address to be always selected by default during ordermgr checkout. (r 447916)
  • Avoid possible NPE during order black list checking if order has no payment methods (r 448428)
  • On orderview, show a No payment preferences for order for orders with no payment information (r 448742)
  • Replaced the lookup button on the Requirement Forms with a drop down box: in fact in this way it is more consistent with the other existing screens. (r 448924)
  • Approved requirements are now sorted by supplier and checked by default. (r 448927, 448936)
  • The default requirement generation method set for the store should be ignored if the product is of a special type (digital good or a marketing package). (r 448953)
  • Toggle order notes from public to private and back in orderview (r 448971)
  • Cleaned up the service for automatic requirement creation based on QOH and minimum on stock. (r 448979)
  • Replaced field-to-field with set operations in the ContactMechServices and PartyContactMechServices minilang files (r 446807, 446810)
  • Links in screenlet headers use now style rather than class (r 446923)
  • Better role type dropdown in screen Party Manager::Relationships::Add Relationship (r 447898)
  • When storing email as communication, set datetimeStarted and datetimeEnded as the current timestamp (r 447949)
  • Changed default product type of facility inventory view report by FINISHED_GOOD. Also added a search by beginning of productId (r 446803)
  • Links in screenlet headers use now style rather than class (r 446923)
  • Receive inventory screen now will display the purchase order item description instead of the internal name of the received product. (r 447043)
  • Fill in DHL labels' shipment reference field by filling it with orderId-shipGroupSeqId (r 447621)
  • Small cleanups of EditCategoryRollup screen to not maintain an index variable, use the ftl one instead (r 447722)
  • Change category products page to use the multi submit instead of per-row submit (r 447723)
  • Added packages box type drop down box to the edit shipment package screen. (r 447798)
  • Auto mkt packages that are purchased from a supplier are also decomposed when they are received in warehouse. (r 447779)
  • XML escape the DHL ShipIT label (r 447934)
  • New InventoryWorker class to figure out quantity of product on outstanding POs. Re-factored product inventory page in catalog manager to use it. Added column to show quantity on order for facility inventory (r 448425)
Seed Data
  • Added seed data from inches to mm conversion (r 446864)
Work Effort
  • Removed invalid service definition: the "createRateType" service doesn't actaully exist (and it's never invoked). (r 446830)
  • Links in screenlet headers use now style rather than class (r 446923)
opentaps Financials
  • Separated permissions for AR, AP, Reports, Transactions, and Configurations in the Financials application.
  • New screens to manage organization's payment methods
  • Clean up and enhancements to reports and screens
opentaps CRM
  • Started work on screens to create bank accounts and other payment methods