Friday, August 11, 2006

OFBiz Development SVN r430717

62 new commits this week. SVN r 430717 builds and installs successfully. Key changes include:
  1. Fixed minilang comparison bug for Doubles in some locales (r 429249, 429265, 429334)
  2. New FoFormRenderer which can output form-widgets into PDF using XSL:FO for generating reports.
  3. Support for customer-specific price lists using Agreement model.
  • Translations into French (r 429121)
  • Fixed the link to the Product Categories from Edit Tax Authority Product Categories (r 429462)
  • the TaxAuthority rate calc code can now use PostalAddress.countyGeoId if populated to support county level taxes (r 429697)
  • Added a log message in PayflowPro processor when auth fails with some details as to why for debugging purposes (r 429747)
  • New pdf report for the agreement item's products screen (r 429971)
  • Misc small improvements to the global widget decorator for pdf reports and the form widget pdf template. (r 430083, 430094)
  • Fixed rounding bug in unitCost of inventory items produced. (r 430105)
  • Widget pdf report of the chart of accounts list. (r 430354, 430511, 430512)
  • Fixed bad UI label for "Amount Applied" in accounting (r 430610, 430611)
  • Improved ordering of accounting trees (r 430710)
Base and Framework
  • Added Debug.logVerboseOn check to log messages in JavaMailContainer (r 428978)
  • Added information about plugin.jar in OPTIONAL_LIBRARIES, which is used by applications/product/src/ because it needs netscape.javascript.JSObject (r 428979)
  • Fixed bug with getting fail-message for the service reader (r 429059)
  • Fix form widget prev/next url when cookie sessions are not used. (r 429239)
  • Addressed some issues with i18n stuff and comparisons, type conversions; for numbers spaces are removed before parsing; for comparing with constants the en locale is assumed, ie the right value or value2 is mean to be a constant (r 429249, 429265)
  • allows view entities to get i18n'ed labels from their member entities (r 429250)
  • Fixed bug where StringUtil removeSpaces method was indeed removing digits. (r 429334, 429337)
  • Simple global decorator for printer friendly screens (no logo and no application bar, header and footer). A print button is also available at the top of the screen. (r 429344)
  • Fix a problem with reloading MCAs (r 429590)
  • WorkflowEngine now uses TransactionUtil instead of TransactionManager (r 429598)
  • New global decorator for simple pdf reports: it is composed of a small header with the current date, screen name and logo and a footer with number of page/pages. (r 429657)
  • Change defaults of form-widget find fields (ModelFormField) to be same as XSD and moved the dropdown box to before the entry field OFBIZ-64 (r 429909)
  • New FoFormRenderer which can be used to generate list and single forms defined in form-widget in PDF format. (r 429966)
  • Misc small improvements to the global widget decorator for pdf reports and the form widget pdf template. (r 430083, 430094)
  • Added some handy methods to StringUtil for padding number strings and adding a number to a number string (r 430253)
  • Added support for select box rendering in fo widget forms: the selected value is shown. (r 430281)
  • Changed blank character code in ModelFormField from "& nbsp;" to "& # 160;" to make it work also with fo templates (r 430317)
  • Changed UI label of & to & amp; for FO compatibility (r 430333)
  • Implemented option to render the widget pdf report as portrait or landscape. (r 430420)
  • Implementation of fo formatting which parses form widget styles into xsl:fo using a .properties file (r 430511)
  • Implemented first version of xml export feature for form widgets. (r 430717)
Entity Model
  • Added a new price field to the AgreementProductAppl entity for using Agreements to store price lists for specific customers. (r 429292)
  • New countyGeoId for PostalAddress (r 429697)
  • Small improvements to the ui links between a product and its routing. (r 428985)
  • the decompose mkt pkg packages service now returns the list of inventory item ids created for the components. Also, now the decompose task is no longer a "production run" and it's status is set to COMPLETED. (r 429008, 429009)
  • Fixed bad bug in the cost component ratio used to calculate a unit cost for the inventory items generated decomposing a mkt pkg. (r 430250)
  • Fixed bad link from marketing campaign roles page to partymgr viewprofile (r 430434)
  • Fixed bug with pagination of quick add product lookup in order entry when productId is null. (r 429114)
  • Cleaned up the order entry tab bar. (r 429116)
  • Translations into French (r 429121)
  • Implemented new lookup search for products limited by supplier's product if the order is a purchase order. (r 429290)
  • Made email not required for order manager order entry customers (r 429904)
  • Fixed bug where required OUT parameter wasn't being set in service getOrderedSummaryInformation, causing the party manager detail page to crash for some customers. (r 430082)
  • Set some default values for lookup pages to avoid a negative first page (r 429910)
Point Of Sales
  • Save cart feature in POS module. (r 429165)
  • Fixed button sizes (r 429377)
  • Formatting changes (r 429478, 429479)
  • The Facility.ownerPartyId is now a mandatory field when creating facilities; if this is not set many of the cost and accounting routines will complain. (r 428973)
  • Fixed bug with stock move services where * the important bug fix is about the map "InventoryItemAndLocationByLocMap" that was not cleared after each iteration. The services now return, in the output list of maps, more information about the suggested/required stock moves (atp/qoh of the from and to locations and the GenericValue of the destination ProductFacilityLocation) (r 428975)
  • Added more information about the suggested/required stock moves: atp/qoh of the from and to locations and minimum level and move qty of the target location. This shoud make the stock moves decisions easier. (r 428976)
  • Deprecated operations replaced by set operations in PromoServices.xml. Tabs to spaces conversion. (r 429010, 429000, 429106)
  • Translations into French (r 429121)
  • Added a new optional input parameter, "agreementId", to the calculateProductPrice service; if the agreementId is passed, and if a valid price for the product is found in the AgreementProductAppl entity, this price overrides the default price in the ProductPrice entity. (r 429292)
  • Implemented printer friendly screen for the stock moves page (r 429351)
  • Implemented printer friendly screen for the inventory level report. (r 429356)
Work Effort
  • Translations into French (r 429121)
  • Fixed bug where addparty during checkout was skipping shipping, tax calc, and payment verification (r 429721)