Friday, May 06, 2005

SVN r4969

SVN r4969

The best part of this blog is that it's always on a Friday afternoon, and the weekend is near.

There were 39 new commits this week. SVN r4969 builds and installs successfully. Important changes this week:
  • A lot of work was done on the Shark integration by Andy, which is continuing
  • The work effort component is being upgraded to the new screen-widget
  • The entities and first unit tests for the entity engine test suite are in place.

A Look Ahead

Here are some things in the works for OFBiz that I know of:
  • We are headed towards a new release, version 3.5 of OFBiz. Please take a look at the issues on JIRA and help out as much as you can. There are things everyone can do to help.
  • David is working on an integration of the OFBiz Entity Engine with LDAP. This may happen after the new release comes out.
  • Andy will be working on Shark workflow engine integration, the pick/pack/shipping features, financial accounts (gift certificates and bank accounts), and Payflow Pro.
  • Jacopo will be working on completing the Request-Quote-Order process, reports for manufacturing, and improving some of the order entry processes.
  • I have been helping out with the entity engine testing and doing the accounting and G/L implementation.
This is of course not exhaustive, as we have so many community members and contributors now. If you are working on something for OFBiz and didn't get mentioned, please feel free to make a comment or drop a note on the list.

General Changes
  • Rollback messages in a lot of scripts and JSPs have been improved (r4932). The TrasnactionUtil.rollback(boolean) method which was removed last week was added back, but as deprecated, to avoid any possible problems. (r4933)
  • Fixed problem with paginations by using viewIndex and viewSize. Affects Agreement, Facility, Request, and manufacturing Calendar, JobShop, MRP, Requirement, and Routing screens. (r4941, r4942)
  • Many screens are now http independent (r4945, r4946)

Entity and Seed Data
  • PartyAcctgPreference now has a baseCurrencyUomId, for the base currency of an accounting organization. (r4947)
  • FacilityGroup, ProductStoreGroup now point to PartyRole instead of Party and RoleType separately with their foreign-keys. (r4949)

Base and Framework
  • The deprecated TransactionUtil.rollback(boolean) is added back to avoid possible errors. (r4933)
  • ServiceEventHandler now supports list of parameters when using multi-part content (r4935)
  • CASCADE is no longer there fore DROP PRIMARY KEY clause but still left in for CONSTRAINT clauses in entity engine. (r4938)
  • GenericEntity.setString now considers the word "null" to be the equivalent of null for numbers, dates, etc. but NOT for Strings (r4939)

Accounting Component
  • Fixed some foreign key problems with the new PartyAcctgPreference entity. (r4934, r4948)
Accounting GL Implementation Project



  • Fixed bug of product width used in place of height on cutting list report (r4936)
  • Fixed bug with using workEffortName for production runs (r4940)
  • Fixed problem with paginations by using viewIndex and viewSize (r4941)

Order Manager

  • Fixed a bug with Find All in "Entity Maintenance" page (r4931)
  • Updated Shark libs and fixed some integration issues. Not completed. (r4944)


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