Friday, June 30, 2006

OFBIZ Development SVN r7907

56 new commits this week. SVN r 7907 builds and installs successfully. Significant changes are:
  1. The directory structure has been re-factored again, and base/ and logs/ have both been moved inside of framework/ If you have custom applications, make sure you update their build.xml
  2. Numerous improvements to purchase orders and inventory receipts.
  3. Authorize.NET payment gateway interface implementation
  4. More internationalization and translations by Marco Risalti
  • Fix potential division by zero during creation of comission invoices if the original invoice has a total of zero (r 7864)
  • New translations (r 7858, 7862, 7868, 7882, 7895)
  • Authorize.NET payment gateway implementation. (r 7883, 7899)
  • Fixed small html bug reported in billing account invoices page (r 7885)
  • New lookups for FixedAsset location (r 7897)
  • Changed name of submit button field on the form to update foreign exchange rates to fix a broken form. Note to all: DO NOT CALL YOUR SUBMIT BUTTONS "submit"! (r 7903)
  • Fixed bug on packing slip PDF when internal name is null (r 7904)
  • Fixed a bug where the orderSubTotal wasn't including the shipment adjustments. This caused issues where the invoice shipping tax would be several cents more than what OrderReadHelper says it is. Also copy the glAccountId and tax fields from OrderAdjustment to InvoiceItem in calcHeaderAdj. (r 7905)
  • added a simplified version of getPartyPaymentMethodValueMaps which can be used in minilanguage (no boolean field) (r 7907)
Base and Framework
  • Changed the services XML defintion from "transaction-timout" to the correct spelling of "transaction-timeout"; parsing code still supports timout, but parser will complain (r 7866, 7867)
  • Form widget now supports javascript links in the form widget header link (r 7871)
  • XSD of form-widget's display tag now specifies that the default type is "text" (r 7890)
  • Moved base directory to be under the framework directory; part of isolating the framework and making it easier to run without the applications; also moved logs and data directories to the framework directory; still need to run from the ofbiz directory, may make it possible to use the framework directory alone at some point (not real easy that one); added build.xml files for the applications and framework directories which pulls a bunch of stuff out of the main build file (r 7900)
  • Initial version of subscription services using the subscription entity (r 7869, 7875)
  • Changed the sub-content element's assoc-name attribute to map-key so it makes more sense and is more consistent with the entity field in ContentAssoc and what not; also changed various screen defs that use this; the Java code that parses this is backward compatible so old definitions will still work, though the schema validator will complain (r 7870)
  • Bug fixes for subscription services (r 7887)
Entity Model
  • Added missing fk definition (to the Uom entity) for the SupplierProduct.quantityUomId field. (r 7855)
  • Added new FixedAsset fields and corresponding relationships for specifying location at or within a Facility (r 7884)
  • Made comments about how the old explode marketing-pkg is now deprecated and will be removed soon in favor of the alternative implementation done using Bill of Materials and automated production run (r 7853)
  • Commented code that runs the old auto-explode-marketing-package stuff (r 7860)
  • New translations (r 7858, 7862, 7868, 7882, 7895)
  • Fix for NPE in orderviewwebsecure.bsh (r 7877)
  • The Company's partyId for the header file is now retrieved from the actual OrderRole entity (instead of ProductStore, which just defines generally where it should be from). (r 7878)
  • Added new get methods for contactMechId, carrierPartyId, and shipmentMethodTypeId to CartShipInfo inner class of ShoppingCart so the fields can be accessed within FTL files. (r 7879)
  • Added a Shipment Information summary section to order confirmation. It shows the ship groups as destination addresses and what carrier, shipment method, items and quantities are assigned to it. Removed obsolete ship to destination in orderheader.ftl. (r 7880)
  • In po checkout, the ship to addresses are now pulled from the facilities owned by the billToCustomer party (i.e. the company selected in the drop down of the create order entry first screen) instead of from the facility of the product store. (r 7889)
  • Added supplier address information to the po PDF report. (r 7892)
  • Order notes (internal/public) can now be added to the cart. The notes are stored as OrderHeaderNotes when the order is created. At the moment, the ui to add the notes to the cart is not implemented and is left as an exercise for the reader. (r 7902)
  • The CustRequest view report has been refactored into reusable screenlets. ViewRequestInfo.ftl file is now split into 3 freemarker templates, and appropriate updates to RequestScreens.xml were created in the order application as well as the ecommerce application. (r 7906)
  • New translations (r 7858, 7862, 7868, 7882, 7895)
  • Default currency, price type, and purpose in the "ProductAndPrice" lookup (used for example by the "EditQuoteItem" screen. (r 7854)
  • Fixed the UOM and supplierPrefOrder fields on the forms for editing SupplierProduct in the catalog manager. (r 7855)
  • Changed the EditProductInventoryItems screen in ProductScreens.xml to display a summary of variant products inventory when a virtual product is being browsed. (r 7856, 7857)
  • Added links to new FacilityLocationLookup screen on the various inventory and facility screens (r 7859)
  • Added ability to specify a sequence num when creating a variant of a product; sequence nums can be used to sort the variants of a given virtual product. (r 7861)
  • New translations (r 7858, 7862, 7868, 7882, 7895)
  • Added default sequens num values to the quick add variant form. (r 7876)
  • Better error handling when facility is not found when receiving a purchase order: if an invalid facility id is passed to the facility screens, an error message is shown. (r 7886)
  • Improved error messages when facilities are not available for the purchase order. (r 7888)
  • Fixed bug where purchase shipments were filtered in the inventory receive screen: the wrong 'received' status was checked (the one for sales shipments instead of the one for purchase shipments). (r 7893)
  • Fixed a bug where a purchase shipment is marked as 'received' a purchase order invoice is created for the received items and the shipment is virtually closed, but if the items actually received (ShipmentReceipts) are only a part of the order items assigned to the shipment (ItemIssuances), it was no longer possible to create a new shipment and assign them to it (because they were already assigned to the first shipment). Now, every time a purchase shipment is marked as 'received' all its ItemIssuances are balanced to equal the total quantities actually received. This way, the items assigned to the shipment but not received are released and can be assigned to another shipment. A new (minilang) service ("balanceItemIssuancesForShipment") is triggered by a seca by the prurchase shipment's status change. Modified: trunk/applications/pro (r 7894)
  • Changed checked to checked= so that the checkboxes work in Safari as well for the order packing page (r 7895)
  • If we are receiving a shipment, the shipment id is now also shown under the purchase order id. (r 7901)
Seed Data
  • Small change to DHL API FTL to prevent crash if company name is null (r 7852)
Work Effort
  • Fix form submit target for ListWorkEffortPartyAssigns (r 7863)
  • Alternative EditWorkEffortAssoc link; also added small change so that there are 2 edit links for the old screen with the WorkEffort details, and the new one with just the WorkEffort assoc (r 7865)
  • New simplified screen to associate an existing work effort as a child of another work effort (r 7881)
  • The CustRequest view report has been refactored into reusable screenlets. ViewRequestInfo.ftl file is now split into 3 freemarker templates, and appropriate updates to RequestScreens.xml were created in the order application as well as the ecommerce application. (r 7906)