Friday, April 21, 2006

OFBiz Development SVN r7371

71 new commits this week.

Significant changes this week:
  1. Support for manufacturing cost calculations
  2. Support for multi-column surveys where all the questions have the same responses
  3. Lots of i18n and uiLabelMap improvements throughout
  4. Fixed some bugs with billing accounts
  • Fixed a bug where a big decimal wasn't being rounded in gift certificate capture (r 7318)
  • Added ui and services to manage WorkEffortCostCalc entries (r 7326)
  • Improvements for the FixedAssetIdents pages (r 7332)
  • Fixed the broken "delete billing account role" link: added the request definition in the controller, implemented the new removeBillingAccountRole service, and added the fromDate to the parameters passed to it. (r 7335, 7369)
  • Implemented services to manage CostComponentCalc entries. (r 7339, 7340, 7341)
  • Setting default currency for invoice and payment forms to be's (r 7344)
  • Patches for FixedAssetRegistration screens and services (r 7345, 7354)
  • Fixed bugs where set ... value="${bsh:...}" were not being typecast and thus returned String instead of Double, causing problems with PostgreSQL (r 7356, 7358)
  • The "createPartyContactMech" must be called in createCreditCardAndAddress to associate the new address to the party. (r 7370)
Base and Framework
  • Fixed NPE and added warning message in ModelFormField when uiLabelMap is not found (r 7303)
  • New UtilMisc.removeFirst(List l) method to help in FTL's and such where this is not easy to do (r 7320)
  • Fixed problem w/ empty names in UtilName (r 7330)
  • Cleanup and reorganization of the CD Instance tree, now more in screen def instead of menu, to be more flexible. Also added support for multiple instance parts for a single template part (r 7301)
  • New sample config file for open office UNO stuff (r 7302)
  • Fixed a couple of issues with survey questions and survey responses pages where fields did not exist and added context to renderFormString method so the form can be localized (r 7304)
  • Survey screens changed to support multi-response surveys (r 7305)
  • Implemented multi-column surveys in SurveyWrapper and genericsurvey (r 7321)
  • Updated createSurveyResponse service to correctly validate and process the new multi-column (MultiResp) variation where each cell has it's own question (r 7323)
  • i18n and uiLabelMap improvements (r 7337, 7338, 7346, 7347, 7348, 7349, 7361, 7361)
Entity Model
  • Survey data model changed to support multi-response surveys, where a single question can be associated to each cell in the question/column grid (r 7305, 7322)
  • Added workEffortId to the AcctgTrans entity to store the id of the work effort to which the transactions refer (r 7306)
  • Added "description" field to the CostComponentCalc entity. (r 7325)
  • Added output parameter for the "getWorkEffortCosts" service for work effort cost total excluding materials costs. (r 7307, 7309, 7310)
  • Changes to manufacturing services to make the it easier to attach ecas to the productionRunProduce service for cost calculation. (r 7317)
  • Enhanced production run services to support ECAs (r 7324)
  • Added ui and services to manage WorkEffortCostCalc entries (r 7326)
  • Added production run sub screen with information about actual costs of each production run task. (r 7328, 7334)
  • Formatting fixes: tabs to spaces (r 7336, 7364, 7365, 7366, 7367)
  • Added screen to manage CostComponentCalc entries. (r 7342)
  • Removed includes/footer.ftl from marketing application, since this footer is no longer used. (r 7357)
  • Parametrized the viewprofile link so that it can point to any application's party page. For now, we have a customerDetailLink for viewing details about customers. Later on we can add employeeDetailLink, etc. (r 7319, 7329)
  • Fixing missing line was for ViewRequest in RequestScreens (r 7331)
  • i18n and uiLabelMap improvements (r 7337, 7338, 7346, 7347, 7348, 7349, 7361, 7361)
  • Added parameter for orderTypeId so that the order type for the initial order entry screen could come from the parameters Map, allowing someone to specify whether they wanted to show only sales or purchase order entry (r 7350)
  • Fixed a small bug when orderview page crashes for orders with bulk items (r 7352)
  • The "checkIncludeVat" parameter is added to the "calculateProductPrice" in order entry's product detail page to add the tax amount to the price if the store setting is configured for this. (r 7371)
  • Internationalization and cleanup of lookup screens in catalog manager (r 7313)
  • Formatting fixes: tabs to spaces (r 7336, 7364, 7365, 7366, 7367)
  • i18n and uiLabelMap improvements (r 7337, 7338, 7346, 7347, 7348, 7349, 7361, 7361)
  • Changed ordering of currencies on update product price in catalog manager to avoid a crash which sometimes happens because description is ambiguous (r 7351)
  • Turned off duplicating inventory items in catalog manager by default when duplicating products. It can of course still be checked on manually, but doing so may cause problems with the inventory (r 7353)
  • A few improvements in ProductPromoWorker for better error messages and such (r 7355)
  • Changes to the "getProductVariantTree" to avoid to throw errors when a virtual product with features but no variants is found, which crashed some product detail pages (r 7363)
Seed Data
  • Added seed data with new cost component types for actual costs (r 7308)
  • Added new custom method type for tasks' costs formulae. (r 7311)
  • CostComponentType definitions now have parent types. (r 7312)
  • New cost calculation demo data (r 7314, 7315)
  • Added description to the example cost data. (r 7327)
  • Removed the word 'standard' from the descriptions of the parent cost component types to avoid confusion. (r 7333)
  • Seed data for purchasing sample raw materials (r 7343, 7359)
Work Effort
  • Added unitCost and currencyUomId from the InventoryItem entity to the WorkEffortAndInventoryAssign view-entity (r 7316)
  • i18n and uiLabelMap improvements (r 7337, 7338, 7346, 7347, 7348, 7349, 7361, 7361)