Friday, September 29, 2006

OFBiz Development SVN r451399

Over 80 commits this week. SVN r 451399 builds successfully and installs successfully except for a small problem with some new i18n product category demo data. Key changes this week:
  1. Updated Apache-related files for upcoming release of OFBIZ 4.0
  2. Significant improvements to the email client, including bug fixes and spam checking
  3. Many changes to MRP process and requirements
  4. New select all button for all multi-forms

  • change xml header and resize field for better display of the invoice forms (r 449356)
  • Dutch translations update (r 449360)
  • Implemented a sample of affiliate commission calculation based on PartyRelationship from CUSTOMER to AFFILIATE of relationship type SALES_AFFILIATE. Note that the amounts are hardcoded in the service. (r 449224, 449628)
  • Completion of accounting translations. (r 450202)
  • fixed bug where UtilAccounting.getNetBalance was not recursively looking up the GL account tree to figure out if an account is debit or credit (r 450254)
Base and Framework
  • Render a selectAll checkbox for forms of type multi. To activate it, define a field named _rowSubmit of type and give it a title. (r 449813)
  • NOTICE and LICENSE files for apache (r 450378, 450733, 450760, 450842)
  • Added favicon.ico to front end and back end (r 450428, 450573, 450576)
  • Added form widget style to use with default-table-style. Use this if you're getting squished columns and want the form table to span the whole container. Also outlines the table in a border. (r 450583)
  • Added a new method htmlSpecialChars into the StringUtil class (r 451145)
  • Removed compression code from Sun that has a problematic license
  • Default MSSQL JDBC settings in entityengine.xml corrected (r 451294)
  • A couple small cleanups to TransactionUtil, showing a current location of warnings as the messages advertise (r 451382)
  • Corrects CreateCharacterSet service path (from org/ofbiz/content/content/ContentServices.xml to the real location org/ofbiz/content/data/DataServices.xml). (r 449261)
  • fixed index out of bound error when receiving email signed with pgp (r 449357)
  • added spam checking from an external spam checker when importing email, with sample configuration for spam-assassin (r 449959, 449961)
  • Changed the sendCommEventAsEmail service to send to each distinct email addresses on a contact list only once (r 450109)
  • Replace field-to-field with set in ContentServices.xml (r 450669)
  • Make the storeIcomingEmail service more resistant agianst variations in the email header. Corrected several problems and do not accept the email when the 'from' email address is missing. (r 450699)
  • More fixes to email services (r 451194)
Entity Model
  • Added an existingCustomer field to Person entity (r 450868)
  • Cleanup and fixes for the MRP requirement generation algorithm (r 449644, 449963)
  • Fix a buggy way of calculating production run quantities. (r 449648)
  • Conversion of all the manufacturing reports from JasperReports to Screen Fop; plus some misc bug fixes. (r 451270)
  • Fixed contact list forms: Pagination fixed for ContactList and ContactListCommEvent. Find form added for ContactLists, which is now the first thing the user sees when clicking [Contact Lists]. Removed some duplicate controller entries. (r 450651)
  • Change the marketing package production runs to create only when there is an inventory shortfall (r 451350, 451353, 451359)
  • Change background color of separation between two halves of orderheader not to be white explicitly (r 449585)
  • Ehanced create return form: Added party lookup and default auto-receive to Y. (r 449871)
  • Internationalization of product categories content, including demo data. (r 449957)
  • Fixed a bug in ensure quantity method of ShoppingCart, in certain circumstances was remove a full quantity of an item instead of reducing it to quantity to keep (r 450076)
  • Added a method to explode a list of cart items, in other words for each item of X quantity, create X items of 1 quantity (r 450107)
  • Fix bug where outstanding product quantities on orderview does not take issuances into account. This required creating a new view entity to sum up ItemIssuances. Also refactored a bunch of code out of orderview.bsh and created a handy method to get a distinct set of productIds in OrderReadHelper. (Useful for doing where productId IN queries.) (r 450171)
  • Added report for open order items to allow one to see what orders have unshipped items. Note that this report needs the new COALESCE of view-entity field values to work properly. (r 450266, 450271, 450578, 451399)
  • Fixed bug in sales by store report pdf when internalName is null. (r 450548)
  • New ability to add a different payment method to existing order. It is automatically authorized. (r 450553, 451076, 451342)
  • Additional support for recurring prices. The functionality for initially showing and tracking recurring prices, not for auto-orders based on these prices (r 450455, 450569)
  • display the request parameter value of partyId after the search result. (r 450027)
  • Comments for getPartyContactMechValueMaps service (r 450668)
Point Of Sales
  • doubled sizes of controls (buttons and such) in Save and Load Sale dialogs to ease use on tactile screens. Some new styles also and miscelaneous text changes (r 451161)
  • Fixed bug in Label Printing where [Mark as Accepted] was marking all as accepted, regardless of what was selected. (r 449099)
  • Implemented a new service that, when atp goes under minimum stock, creates a requirement for the reorder qty. Now there are three different requirement services that look at inventory levels: STOCK_QOH: when qoh goes under minimum stock a requirement is created for the reorder qty STOCK_ATP (new): when atp goes under minimum stock a requirement is created for the reorder qty ATP (was STOCK_ATP): creates a requirement on ATP levels and links it to the order item that caused the reservations (r 449366)
  • Fix i18n problem with receive inventory page (r 449817)
  • Internationalization of product categories content, including demo data. (r 449957)
  • Add ability to look up inventory items by productId in facility manager and link the facility view inventory by product report to it (r 450960)
  • Removed a couple of links on the product inventory page which actually aren't needed: delete doesn't work, and edit duplicates the item id link (r 450986)
Seed Data
  • Added Fed Ex to demo shipping data as a store carrier. No integration yet or planned at this point (r 449087)
  • Add a status change for emails from "Unknown Party" to "Entered" so that emails received by system can be corrected and then made valid again. (r 449944)
  • Internationalization of product categories content, including demo data. (r 449957)
Work Effort
  • Avoid adding duplicates to WorkEffortPartyAssignment entity with assignPartyToWorkEffort (r 449358)
  • added check when a workeffort status is changed against the statusValidChange table (r 450670)
  • new Work Effort Note Forms/Screens (r 451126)
  • Fixed incorrect pagination of workeffort lookup (r 451257)
  • Internationalization of product categories content, including demo data. (r 449957)