Friday, May 18, 2007

OFBIZ Development r538299

  • Lookup party by owner party of inventory item (538299)

  • Re-factored viewprofile into many sub FTL and BSH (538305, 538306,

  • Fix file URL bug in Apache FopFactory (538424)

  • Fix job manager so that disabled setting still loads the manager and performs async tasks, just does not enable the poller (538659)

  • Payment gateway error message fix (538680)

  • Implemented min balance setting for FinAccount (538772, 539008)

  • Fixed fin account refunds and re-auths (539085)

  • Implemented cancel of subscriptions when order item is returned (539086, 539203)

  • added new code to help with grouping product for display on packing (and custom packing screens); this now groups all items by product so a running total can be packed. (539199)
  • refactored service credit service so it can be used for any type of financial account; the old service def remains; and new definition exists (539246)
  • updated find party so create new links can determine what type of party to create (person vs group) based on the search parameters (539247)
  • generic entity maintenance screens now allow setting fields to null. (539527)
  • refactoring of the processOrderPayments service (and related methods): the service (triggered by ecas on order edit) doesn't load a cart from the order anymore; this is possible because there is now a (static) CheckOutHelper.processPayment method that doesn't rely on the cart object. (538970)