Friday, April 20, 2007

OFBIZ Development r530867

61 new commits this week. SVN r 530867 builds and installs successfully. Significant changes are:
  1. Improved MRP to account for component parts
  2. Added item issuance reason code to track reason for issuing parts to a production run
  3. New service to estimate order ship date based on inventory reservations and split flag.

  • Implemented feature to support excemption inheritance, used for example when a county tax is setup and the customer has an exemption with the state (r 530218)
Base and Framework
  • added test service to test map/list conversions (r 529712)
  • added methods to StringUtil to convert results of Map.toString() and List.toString() back to Map/List (assuming the contents are Strings for now); changed the ObjectType for Arrays->List conversion to only run when the type is List (per discussion on Dev list) (r 529716)
  • Changed alias-view-columns from true to false for advantage based on report of it not working right for Advantage (r 530160)
  • setting alias-view-columns=false for MS SQL (r 530183)
  • updated content permissions to use the purpose associated with the content: changed the name of the XML file containing operation data; added default purpose for CMS entry (r 530518, 530519)
  • updated CMS to do simple (single) content purpose and updates (r 530530)
  • First version of the methods to compute the start date of requirements created by the MRP for products with WIP in their BOM. (r 530461)
  • Fix for the method that computes the requirement start date for wip based boms in the mrp. (r 530801)
  • Added reasonEnumId field to the InventoryItemDetail entity to optionally categorize the reasons for the inventory item detail records. Added an example of its usage in the production run management screen. (r 530811)
  • refactored order find; now uses a re-usable service to do lookups; a lot more powerful now utilizing dynamic view entity; will also now lookup inventory items (serial number, soft identifier) from orders issued to shipments; will also now query all variant products when search by a virtual ID; can now pass a list of values (status, store, website, etc) so that multi-select can be enbaled (not yet enabled in the UI) (r 530158, 530173)
  • New service that computes and returns the OrderItemShipGroup estimated ship date based on the associated items. If maySplit=Y, then the ship group's ship date is the earliest of all of the items. If the maySplit=N, then it's the latest of the estimated items' dates. For now I've considered the OrderItemShipGrpInvRes.promisedDatetime as the estimated ship date for the reserved items. (r 530366, 530371, 530372)
  • Improvement to AgreementTerm entity: min and max quantities to define a range applicable to term. (r 530867)
  • Replace request.getparameter with parameters (r 530113, 530120, 530167)
  • Misc layout cleanups to the picking option screen. Small enhancements to the packing report to better display qty available and not available into two separate columns. Also fixed the value of the qty available. (r 530168, 530275)
  • changed imageTwoUrl to be hidden from list display; changed create method so that fromDate does not effect the generation of the linkSeqId; was causing the key to be 00001 everytime due to the unique fromDate (r 530480)
  • Small change to the position of facility menu items. (r 530311)
  • Implemented new Shipping Estimate Feature: Flat Shipping Percent - shipamount=shipamount + (shipamount * percent) (r 530524)
  • Implemented the ability to include / exclude ProductFeatureGroups in the advanced search. (r 530864)
Seed Data
  • added mimetype text/x-diff (r 530219)
Web Tools
  • a fix for a broken form definition, minor layout improvements to the entity sync screens. (r 530672)
  • New opentaps common and warehouse applications are now available for download.
  • Sales commission support, based on direct user or distributor relationships, with straight percentage, tiered percentages.
  • French translation for CRMSFA