Monday, April 16, 2007

OFBIZ Development r529202

130 new commits over the last two weeks. OFBIZ SVN r 529202 builds and installs successfully. Significant changes are:
  1. Support for x509 certificates
  2. Improved product searching
  3. Re-factored catalog manager product store shipping screens

  • sales invoice by product/category report; intended mostly for use to get data for external accounting systems that cant handle knowing about all products or customers or invoices (r 524762, 524993, 525404, 525417, 526361, 526414)
  • added new account type; REPLENISH_ACCOUNT; added ability to specify dynamic content in the name of the account (TYPE description of the feature) using flexible string expansion (r 525049)
  • added orderId, orderItemSeqId to post with finaccount transactions when available (more times orderId is available than orderItemSeqId); changed the partyId field to use the partyId of the finaccount instead of the userlogin processing (r 525205)
  • French translation for accounting module (r 525245)
  • Fixed wrong default variable for pay to partyId of Company in PaymentGatewayServices (r 528390)
  • Added missing 'authTrans' in optional parameter from the paymentReleaseInterface that was used at least by the Payflow and Rita payment processors. (r 528768)
  • Convert some of the payment code to bigdecimal. Also code cleanup to use declared constants in payment gateway code. (r 528770, 528771)
Base and Framework
  • layout enhancements for the Webtools application: eliminated table-based layout; removed deprecated CSS styles; removed embedded HTML styles. (r 524378)
  • Made the calculate->field-name attribute required again (r 524528)
  • added log to show the number of test cases in a test file (r 525012)
  • Changed to better handle the error when the bsh location is not valid (r 525281)
  • service auto field map will now look in parameters Map and context just as the entity-one one does (r 525300)
  • Changed submit disable code to disable for 2 seconds then re-enable; had to do some tricky stuff with the cross-page timer, but works in Firefox and IE (r 525629)
  • Removed jdbc jars for derby tools, hsqldb, p6spy (r 525679, 525716)
  • If an async service fails, the status of its JobSandbox record is set to 'failed' even if the service will not be rescheduled. (r 525721)
  • Updates to the appserver template (r 526071)
  • Fix console.log and clean-catalina build target to use new runtime/ folder (r 525699, 526100)
  • implemented simple service stream handler; allows reading the inputstream of a request from inside a service; useful for processing non-standard requests (r 526262)
  • New UtilMisc and UtilDateTime methods for working with Lists and Maps of Maps (r 526354)
  • Updated Russian common translations (r 527471)
  • implemented x509 certificate security for specific requests (define with security attribute x509=true) (r 527718, 527719, 527755, 527736, 528015, 528045, 528719)
  • added missing SecureRandom to SSL Factory (r 528069)
  • A fairly dramatic change required because the DatasourceInfo stuff was being mostly ignored for most of the sql generation code, especially in the view entity stuff; fixing this resulted in a problem with derby requiring adding the alias-view-columns=false attribute to the datasource element in the entityengine.xml file; in any case, the somewhat tricky and funny but useful option of using a view-entity in a sub-select is now working properly (r 528801)
  • Changed postgres config to not alias columns in views (r 528862)
  • refactor UI elements in the Common component. (r 528925, 528926, 528927, 529136)
  • Added userLoginId near the name of the logged in party. (r 529183)
  • Fixed double service definition for the createWebSite service that was causing an error in the Edit Web Site screen (r 524755, 524756, 524757)
  • add valid status change to cancel a scheduled production run (r 524370)
  • set long time out for initlowlevelcode service (r 524372)
  • Added mrp job information to the mrp log screen: - the last mrp job is shown - scheduled and running mrp jobs are shown - if an mrp job is running, no log will be shown (r 524389)
  • Add a parametrized location for the CommonJobshopDecorator so that other applications may reuse the production run screens. (r 524830)
  • Changed eventName field type of the MRP log to very-long in order to work fine even when there are many orders in the same date. (r 525194)
  • Implemented new production run's subscreen to view and add inventory item issuances. Modified the existing issuance service to be more flexible. (r 527108)
  • Added optional parameter to the mrp for the default number of years offset for orders without dates. (r 527134)
  • fixes index create error and mismatch in cookie name (r 524319, 525188)
  • Fixed crash in LookupContactList when on the EditContactListCommEvent screen of marketing, also added a lookup against the 'From Contact Mech' field to help the user find the Ids. (r 527505)
  • Changed 'Find Parties' screen under Contact List to use a new LookupContactMech search added to party mgr. Last one was a restricted result listing based on partyId which is fine when editting existing entries but not for finding them. (r 528049)
  • When items are added to the cart from requirements, the shipBeforeDate is set equal to the Requirement.requiredByDate. (r 525074)
  • Fix error ui labels (r 525182)
  • Added productPromoCodeId to ShoppingList, and change order from list service code to add it to the cart when a shopping list order is placed (r 525534)
  • Small fix for a number parse exception in ShoppingCartEvents. Note quantityStr will only ever be null if the quantity param is not defined in the form (r 526273)
  • showAllPromotions is not a pdf and was causing a browser error. Now fixed in controller. (r 526284)
  • when an quote item is added and the productId is supplied but no price, take it from the product record. (r 526369)
  • a workaround to fix the infinite loop condition that happened when canceling an order item of an order with promo items: added a new service definition for the cancelOrderItem service (cancelOrderItemNoActions), without ecas attached to it, that is called from the recreateOrderAdjustments service. (r 526372)
  • Changed saveUpdatedCartToOrder to call the new cancelOrderItemNoActions service so that we can avoid recreateOrderAdjustments altogether which doesn't appear to be necessary when using updateApprovedOrderItems (r 526491)
  • Moved the sendOrderChangeNotification seca so that only a single notification is sent when editing an order (r 526496)
  • Removed a bad assignment from recreateOrderAdjustments, which has probably been causing some of the problems we've been having with editing/canceling order items (r 528792)
  • A few more fixes related to editing/cancelling orders (r 529138)
  • comment out some code which was not used in viewprofile but causing crashes when trying to set up for security (r 524350)
  • createPartyRole uses PARTYMGR_ROLE_CREATE permission as before the re-factoring to minilang (r 524899)
  • Updated ProductEvents to use _ERROR_MESSAGE_LIST_ rather than appending multiple errors to _ERROR_MESSAGE_ (r 524254)
  • Fix bug with receive returns in facility manager (r 524278)
  • Show the shipment/order/shipGroup selection form in the ReceiveInventoryAgainstPO screen even if the shipment doesn't exist, plus JS lookup fix (r 524287)
  • Sort ProductAssocType by description in edit product assoc page in catalog manager (r 524373)
  • Changed the Primary Category dropdown in the EditProduct form to display categoryName rather than descripton (r 524484, 524486)
  • Added inventoryItemId to Subscription, intended mainly to model a subscription that is applicable only on a certain serialized InventoryItem (r 524532)
  • Fixed missing key for the createProductStoreShipMeth service (r 524751)
  • Small fix to find facility location in case facilityId is stored in attribute. (r 524942)
  • order inventory rebalancing for serialized items by reservedDatetime (r 524984)
  • Refactored into a new screen (based on widgets) all the forms to edit and view the product store shipping estimates. Also modified the createShippingEstimate service to better handle recent changes to data model and quantityBreaks. (r 525223)
  • few changes to use entity list iterators when doing inventory lookups; added code to get totals from serialized inventory records; next to add view to get totals (instead of doing math in simple methods) (r 525264)
  • implemented worker methods to test if a item is available for selling (r 525850)
  • Added ProductFeatureCategory Include and Exclude to advanced search mechanism (r 526058)
  • Re-factored ups rate estimate code to use rate estimate by postal code (r 526067)
  • Added some fields for more flexible/general tracking of serialized inventory items, especially for electronic devices: softIdentifier and activationNumber and activationValidThru timestamp and datetimeManufactured (r 525677, 526877, 527516)
  • Refactored the product store shipping screens into two top level screens (grouped together under a new top level menu). Added services to delete ShipmentMethodTypes and CarrierShipmentMethods. (r 525509, 527497)
  • added availableTime (and UOM) for the time this subscription is available for, maxLifeTime for a subscription, fixed some key name problems (r 527564, 527570, 527607)
  • fixed listsize index after filtering view allows (r 528234)
  • fixed category query to take in account the view allow category; (r 528292)
  • A few improvements/fixes for the product search stuff; now processes feature and feature category parameters correctly, and outputs them in search strings correctly as well. Also add output of supplier constraint in search parameters string (r 528595)
  • Some enhancements to product search to support shorter parameter alternatives; parameter string generation uses these now (r 528633)
  • Fixed problem with category search in sub-categories caused by the include/exclude/alwaysInclude stuff added a while back; note that there is still a problem with excludes in certain circumstances (r 528686)
  • Added a EntityConditionValue implementation that does a sub-select on another entity; initial example in the ProductSearch class (r 528790)
  • Fixed feature and category constraints with exclude using the new sub-select stuff; now seems to work as expected/desired (r 528791)
  • Added code so that the feature category stuff would actually do something instead of just treating the feature category ids as feature ids; this required use of a view-entity in a sub-select which required a bunch of lower level changes so that the DatasourceInfo settings would actually be used in the sql generation stuff; all seems to be working now, at least on derby (r 528804)
  • Committed these checkImageUrl services to help fix the problem that can be caused by the setAllProductImageNames. We should probably use some of the logic from these services to update that to check and see if the images exists and only populate the defaults if they do - but that can be for another day (r 528829)
  • Added an additional image reference to ProductCategoryLinks for greater flexibility (r 529093)
  • Fixed wrong selection for drop down options of carrier ship methods in stor ship settings. (r 529149)
  • Improved navigation for picklist related facility screens. (r 529202)
Seed Data
  • reverting default store back to always approve cc processor for auth. (r 524964)
Web Tools
  • layout enhancements for the Webtools application: eliminated table-based layout; removed deprecated CSS styles; removed embedded HTML styles. (r 524378)
  • added view MY browser certs in webtools; helps to debug and check x509 issues (r 528016)
Work Effort
  • fixes a problem with the AddWorkEffortAndAssoc form where the field workEffortId was being included in the form twice. (r 524477)
  • Hidden completed and closed production runs in calendars. (r 525057)
  • Fixed bug with orderHeader being used when it might not exist, making a huge error message for bad variable, NPE equivalent, rather than showing order not found message (r 525164)
  • Russian translation (r 528928)
opentaps CRM
  • VOIP integration support