Friday, May 13, 2005

SVN r4989

19 new commits this week. SVN r4989 builds and installs successfully. Significant changes this week:
  • Support for CSV file format imports in webtools (r 4987)
  • Tomcat web server has been changed from ISO-8859-1 character encoding to UTF-8 (r 4979)
Base and Framework
  • Minor changes to error and debugging messages (r4973, r4974)
  • Character encoding for controller changed from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 for Tomcat (r 4979)
  • UtilDateTime class's months, days, timevals, and df (decimal format) fields are now public rather than protected. (r 4983)
  • Datafile now supports CSV imports, UTF-8 files, and endian binary files and C-style null terminated strings. (r 4987)
  • jython.jar has been replaced with jython-nooro.jar where oro classes were removed. (r 4989)
Entity and Seed Data
  • ProductCategory now has a "categoryName" field. Not sure what it's for yet. (r 4988)
  • Fixes for field names, etc. on fixed asset forms (r 4975)
  • SurveyWrapper now works even when static and other OFBiz tags are not available (r 4985)
  • Fixed production run service bug for configurable products where the number of components was not computed correctly (r 49780)
  • Enhanced useability by disabling quantity box for virtual products and disallowing adding of virtual items to order (r4972)
  • Improved parsing of USPS addresses (PO Box and RR addresses.) This is a great change, as the old parsing expression also caused non-USPS to be flagged. (r 4976)
  • Bug fix for create new login page (r4977)
  • Put missing app header back into JSPs (r 4978)
  • Bug fixes in catalog manager for update product store catalog and remove product from category (r 4970, r4971)
  • Edit category products page now uses EntityListIterator, allowing for a large number of products to be edited at once without running out of memory (r 4981)
  • getProductCategoryAndLimitedMembers also now uses EntityListIterator if cache is not being used (r 4982)


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