Friday, February 03, 2006

OFBiz Development SVN r6670

69 new commits this week. SVN 6670 builds and installs successfully.

Significant changes this week
  1. OFBiz was approved for incubation with the Apache Software Foundation this week. As a result, we're moving forward with cleaning up of libraries in the OFBiz repository. The JDBC jars have been removed, and libraries under the LGPL license have been moved to a specialized/libraries/ directory which will not be part of the official OFBiz repository in Apache.
  2. Enhancements to the order and packing sequence for putting some orders "On Hold."
  3. Re-factoring of ReturnItem data model to separate sales tax lines from return item lines.
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Jacopo, David, Andy, Al Byers, Jean-Luc Malet, Leon, Mu Jinsong, and myself.

  • All instances of "order_id" have been replaced with "orderId". (r 6642)
Base and Framework
  • Removed the following JDBC drivers: DaffodilDB_Client.jar, DaffodilDB_Common.jar, DaffodilDB_Embedded.jar, axion.jar, mysql-connector-java-3.1.10-bin.jar, postgresql-8.0-311.jdbc3.jar, sapdbc.jar (r 6603)
  • Removed "datavision" and "jasperreports" view handler definitions from the controller files that were not really using them. (r 6604)
  • Added force-child-check attribute impl for widget-tree; this will override the precalculated values which somestimes have issues (r 6605)
  • Added new trunk/OPTIONAL_LIBRARIES to the OFBiz SVN and removed jruby.jar, js.jar, jasperreports-1.0.2-applet.jar, jasperreports-1.0.2.jar to it (r 6608)
  • Removed unused xapool.jar file; the wrapper class which is now renamed to XaPoolConnectionFactory is excluded from the build in framework/entity/build.xml (r 6609)
  • Changed so that when a view handler class is not found it doesn't complain so much, but still shows a nice warning message (r 6610)
  • Added maintain transaction timestamp feature to the command line entity loader. (r 6613)
  • Added abilty to use mostly inserts method from command line entity data loader (r 6614)
  • Moved the following libraries to a specialized/libraries/ directory: jcalendar.jar, gtkswing.jar, all shark_ jars, jasperreports_ jars, uno (openoffice) jars (r 6637, 6625, 6652, 6653)
  • Composite Document and content revisions features. (r 6606, 6607)
  • A lot of fixes to make separate compdoc template and instance trees display correctly. Using session variables to navigate, so that every associated screen does not have to be touched to pass the tree root id around. (r 6624)
  • Reorganization of CompDoc demo and seed data (r 6626, 6663)
  • Started CompDoc screens in content manager (r 6661, 6665)
Entity Model
  • Changed Agreement -> Party and Agreement -> PartyRole relationships to "one-nofk" (r 6664)
  • ReturnItem now has new fields sourcePercentage, primaryGeoId, taxAuthGeoId, taxAuthPartyId, overrideGlAccountId for tracking sales tax line items. Sales tax will now be created on separated lines of return items. A new parentItemSeqId is used to track the return item to sales tax return item relationship. (r 6666)
  • Changed OrderServices reserveInventory methods so that it no longer reserves inventory for orders which are cancelled or rejected. (r 6615)
  • SECA services for updateReturnStatusFromReceip, including processReplacementReturn, processCreditReturn, processRefundReturn, are now run async rather than sync. (r 6616)
  • Fixed bug in getting valid payment preference to refund (r 6622, 6623)
  • EcommerceUiLabels removed from order manager screens (r 6629, 6649)
  • All instances of "order_id" have been replaced with "orderId". (r 6642)
  • Fixed bug with "Cancel all order items" (r 6642)
  • New valid status change for orders from APPROVED to PROCESSING under "Hold Order", to prevent these orders from showing up on pick lists (r 6654)
  • updated order payment preference now makes sure that the payment method type id is set and the user who edits the payment is logged (r 6655)
  • processCreditReturn, processRefundReturn, processReplacementReturn now run synchronously after updateReturnStatusFromReceipt (r 6656)
  • Minor cleanup in (r 6657)
  • ShoppingCart now has new methods .setHoldOrder (true|false) and .getHoldOrder() to set whether order should be created in PROCESSING state (r 6658)
  • Refactored ShoppingCart.getPaymentRef method to return the proper number (r 6660)
  • Fixed find and list returns and replaced old FTLs with form-widgets (r 6667)
  • The edit return items screen now allows return inventory status to be changed as well. Again, as long as the return is only in the REQUESTED state. (r 6668)
  • Fixed wrong field names for custRequestId field in form definitions. (r 6627)
  • Fixed bug for EditPartyAttribute (r 6628)
  • All instances of "order_id" have been replaced with "orderId". (r 6642)
  • Order packing page now takes cancelled items into consideration when rendering display (r 6617)
  • InventoryItemDetail now has a receiptId when received from a shipment. (r 6618, 6619)
  • Balance inventory service will now only balance reservations which have a quantityNotAvailable > 0; this will prevent changing the inventory item reserved against in the case where a picklist is already created; causing orders to appear on duplicate picklists (r 6620)
  • Picklist generation now respects the "maxNumberOfOrders" parameter when creating picklists (r 6621, 6630)
  • Inventory reservation service is now checking picklists rather than the quantityNotAvailable field. This will fix the problem when items go out so orders are updated with a backorder flag (r 6631)
  • Find shipment now uses an EntityListIterator (r 6635)
  • updateShpmentFromStaging now checks for valid package before processing (r 6634)
  • Shipment services now sets tracking number on route segments. (r 6638)
  • Fixed bug where a null orderItem.cancelQuantity would crash the packing form. (r 6641)
  • SupplierProduct.availableFromDate is now a primary key, and the corresponding forms and seed data have been updated. (r 6640, 6645, 6646)
  • Added logic to allow receiving of returns with NO inventory items in ShipmentServices; manually updates the status to RECEIVED if no items are product items (r 6659)
  • New bulk add features to feature category screen in the catalog manager (r 6669)
  • Create new feature category is now its own FTL and put on top of the features list. Now creating feature category leads you to feature category detail screen to add more features. (r 6669)
Seed Data
  • New valid status change for orders from APPROVED to PROCESSING under "Hold Order", to prevent these orders from showing up on pick lists (r 6654)
Web Tools
  • Changed rmi-print applet building to include all libraries in a single jar (r 6662)
Work Effort
  • Fixed bug where createWorkEffortRequest was not creating the correct entity (r 6632)
  • Fixed aliasing of WorkEffort_ view-entities. (r 6633)
  • Added service createCustRequestStatus and moified update and create cust request services to call it whenever a status change in CustRequest needs to be recorded. (r 6636)
  • New seed data for Phone Call and Email workEffort purposes (r 6647)
  • New field WorkEffortPartyAssign.availabilityStatusId to track if a party is available or busy while working on a work effort. it is assumed "available" unless set to WEPA_AV_BUSY (r 6648, 6663)
  • Fixed misspelling in an account sign up error message. (r 6639)