Friday, December 16, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r6349

61 new commits this week. SVN 6349 builds and installs successfully.

Significant changes this week
  1. Integration of OpenOffice UNO libraries into OFBIZ for working with OpenOffice documents in the future.
  2. New calculatePurchasePrice service to separate calculation of purchase and sales order prices, with support for vendor-agreement promotions for purchase orders.
  3. Fixed outstanding issues with promotions when modifying an existing order.
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Mu Jinsong, Al, Jacopo, David, Andy, Leon, and myself.

  • New screens to manage AgreementPromoAppl: associate promotions that can be applied against a given purchase agreement. (r 6310)
  • PaymentGatewayServices now store the currencyUomId of the order header into the PaymentGatewayResponse and use it to set the currencyUomId of the Payment. (r 6321)
  • Manual transaction screens now pre-fill data from order payment preference. (r 6330)
  • New Invoice.referenceNumber field for storing things like vendor invoice number or other invoice numbers different than the system generated invoiceId (r 6334)
Base and Framework
  • Formatting change in org.ofbiz.service.rmi.socket.ssl.SSLServerSocketFactory class. (r 6301)
  • Updated itext to version 1.3.6 in framework/webapp/lib/ (r 6318)
  • Added new code to DatabaseUtil to connect to legacy (JDBC) datasources for the purpose of inducing the entity model. The following code will connect and create a model from the database: DatabaseUtil dbUtil = new DatabaseUtil(null, "jdbc:mysql://localhost/legacyDb?autoReconnect=true", "root", ""); UtilXml.writeXmlDocument("legacy_model.xml", dbUtil.induceModelFromDb()); There are still issues with the PKs not being found; but this may be a mysql issue (r 6327)
  • ModelEntity, ModelField, ModelIndex, ModelKeyMap, ModelRelation can now generate entity engine xml. (r 6327)
  • Fixed bug in screen widget where session attributes were overriding the request attributes and request parameters. (r 6348)
  • Fixed the typo "Wokflow" which is actually "Workflow" (r 6349)
  • New services to derive Survey and SurveyResponse from PDF/FDF (AcroForm) files. (r 6339, 6343, 6347)
  • New .jar libraries for OpenOffice UNO access now in applications/content/lib/uno (r 6345)
  • New services for using OpenOffice libraries to convert documents and comparing documents. At this point supports only files. (r 6346)
Accounting/GL Application
  • New feature to print checks in bulk or singly
  • Started to work on standard AR/AP reports

Entity Model
  • New TrackingCodeAndVisit and TrackingCodeAndOrderHeader view entities for tracking code conversion analysis reports (r 6289)
  • New AgreementPromoAppl entity which defines promotions (ProductPromo) associated with agreement line items (agreementId and agreementItemSeqId) (r 6309)
  • New PaymentGatewayResponse.currencyUomId field to track the currencyUomId of the Payment from a gateway response. (r 6317)
  • New ProductStore.defaultSalesChannelEnumId to set the default sales channel code for a product store in the database, rather than having to code it in the particular store. (r 6319, 6328)
  • Production run management screens will display if a production run's task id is passed in, as well as if a production run id is passed in. (r 6293, 6294)
  • Modernized and fixed marketing application UI, including removing old JSPs and JPublish pages which are no longer used, fixing up links, and fixing formatting of the application header. (r 6311, 6333, 6336, 6338, 6340, 6341, 6342)
  • New screen and form definitions for the marketing campaign and tracking code conversion reports. Now all those are in place; just need to work on finishing the .bsh files for them. (r 6316, 6337)
  • New OrderReadHelper.getOrderItemIssuances method to get a list of item issuances for a specific shipment. (r 6290)
  • Fixed bug where quote roles cloning was trying to enter the "request taker" role twice, once in "createQuote" and one while cloning its roles. (r 6296)
  • New calculatePurchasePrice service to calculate prices for purchase orders. In the future, use calculateProductPrice for sales orders and calculatePurchasePrice for purchase orders. (r 6299)
  • Removed all code in CheckOutEvents, CheckOutHelper, order manager controller, and the entire OrderManagerEvents class which supported the old "Payment Already Received" payment method that is no longer supported. (r 6305)
  • ProductPromoWorker has been re-factored so that 1) for sales orders, promotions associated with product store are run; 2) for purchase orders, promotions associated with purchase agreement for the supplier are run, if they exist. (r 6308)
  • Implemented ability to do manual promotions during order entry process. There is now a "manual promotions" screenlet on the order entry page in order manager. (r 6322)
  • Fixed bug with modifying cart when the NumberFormat was not using the correct locale. Added "locale" to ShoppingCartHelper.modifyCart to handle cases when the user changes the session locale when the cart is in session. (r 6323, 6324)
  • When modify cart is called, promotions are now re-run. (r 6323)
  • Fixed bug that caused all OrderAdjustments to be removed when a single order was updated. (r 6325)
  • Checkout process (CheckOutEvents/CheckOutHelper) now supports an "internalCode" parameter. (r 6329)
  • View of order items now displays name of promotional adjustment with a link to the promo in catalog manager. (r 6332)
  • Fixed bug in party manager where the user was always being created with a default password of "unguessable", so he could not log in. (r 6326)
  • New calculatePurchasePrice service to calculate prices for purchase orders. In the future, use calculateProductPrice for sales orders and calculatePurchasePrice for purchase orders. (r 6299)
  • Bug fixes for the ProductPromoCategory screens. (r 6300)
  • Added new filter by date hidden flag (set to "Y") to show only valid prices in the ProductAndPrices lookup screen. (r 6306)
  • "calculatePurchasePrice" service returns nformation about how the purchase price is derived as a List of OrderItemPriceInfo entities. (r 6307)
  • PackingSession now reads good productId for scanned in products (UPC label) (r 6331)
Seed Data
  • Default OFBIZ e-commerce store's sales channel is set to "WEB_SALES_CHANNEL" (r 6319)
  • New security permission ACCOUNTING_PRINT_CHECKS for printing checks in the Accounting/GL application. (r 6335)
Work Effort
  • Work effort calendar's upcoming screen now shows events by party, facility, or fixed asset. (r 6291, 6292)
  • Cleanup of links in the workeffort calendar. (r 6297)
  • The service getWorkEffortEventsByDays is removed and has been replaced by getWorkEffortEventsByPeriods (r 6298)
  • Tax ID and exemption status can now be entered in the ecommerce checkout process. (r 6302)
  • Fixed bug of creating new customer for checkout in ecommerce by setting the cart's partyId to that of the new customer as soon as the customer is created. (r 6303, 6304)
  • Changed code in storeOrder service to use the default sales channel of a product store and removed code for setting it in the ecommerce store application. (r 6319)
  • Fixed bug with anonymous checkout in the commerce application where an anonymous customer can only create one order. (r 6320)