Saturday, January 21, 2006

OFBiz Development SVN r 6532

38 new commits this week. SVN 6532 builds and installs successfully.

Significant changes this week
  1. Many new form and screen widget enhancements, including bug fixes and new formatting capabilities.
  2. New mass item entry feature during order entry.
  3. "receiveOfflinePayments" works again for Paypal payments.
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Jacopo, David, Andy, Leon, Al Byers, Daniel Kunkel, Mark Mantarro, Mu Jinsong, Jacques Le Roux, and myself.

Base and Framework
  • Form-widget now supports CSS styling for alternate rows, header row, and a header-link so you can order a list by different columns. See OFBIZ-655 for examples and usage. (r 6500)
  • Fixed bug with form-widget "single" form when none of the use-when conditions apply. The default field value was not being applied correctly before. (r 6503)
  • Fixed problem with performFind service where setting a filterByDate=Y automatically caused a find to take place, even if no other parameters were supplied and noConditionFind is turned off. (r 6508)
  • white-space: nowrap; attributes in the main css file. (r 6509)
  • Russian translation of common ui labels. (r 6510)
  • Fixed the problem with & in field lookup popup screens. (r 6518)
  • Form-widget fields now have "event" and "action" attributes to specify Javascript events that should be attached to fields and Javascript actions that should be run based on those events. (r 6519)
  • Screen-widget now allows specifying of width, height, and border for non-html iframes. (r 6519)
  • UtilDateTime.toCalendar now checks if the Timestamp parameter is null or not. (r 6520)
  • Changed overflow tags from "visible" to "auto" in the main css files. (r 6530)
  • Fixed problem with URL encoding in HttpClient where it was using "&" instead of "&" (r 6532)
  • Added the AssocRevisionItemView view entity and used it to render the Composite Document tree applying revision control. (r 6511, 6512, 6513)
  • New commmonCompDocScreen and requests for CompDoc screens. (r 6521)
  • sequence numbering for comp doc screens (r 6523)
Entity Model
  • OrderNotification now has a "comments" field, which is now added to the service definitions and notification interface. (r 6496, 6497, 6498)
  • New SalesOpportunityHistory entity to record historical information about a sales opportunity. SalesOpportunity no longer has fromDate/thruDate. This fixed a problem of foreign-keys to SalesOpportunityRole. (r 6499)
  • ProdConfigItemContentType had the wrong package-name (r 6506)
  • OrderNotification now has a "comments" field, which is now added to the service definitions and notification interface. (r 6496, 6497, 6498)
  • Fixed problems with quick refund entire order where the correct return item type was not being created. For product items, it actually matches a return item type to the product type, so there is a different return item type for finished goods vs. digital items. For all other items, it is a linear mapping in ReturnItemTypeMap. (r 6514, 6527)
  • Fixed TaxAuthority-related bug during check out. (r 6515)
  • In order manager, the [Quick Lookup] button next to the productId will now take you to a screen which shows a list of products that begin with that productId and allow you to enter a quantity, amount, and delivery date for each. The ones with non-null quantities will be added to the cart and the same time. (r 6522, 6525, 6528)
  • Brought back the missing receiveOfflinePayments method to solve problem with Paypal payments. (r 6524)
  • Fixed misisng "showcart" request-map, which was a bug caused by some redirects changing from "view" to "request-redirect" (r 6526)
  • Orders can now be moved to PROCESSING status upon create, instead of PROCESSING being a trigger for an XPDL workflow. (r 6529)
  • Fixed an error message for problems when return total exceeds order total (r 6531)
  • Product > Suppliers tab now uses the new form-widget enhancements for formatting and allows ordering of supplier product information by supplier, price, and minimum quantity. (r 6501)
  • Fixed inventory and stock move service bugs when availableToPromiseTotal is null (which actually *should* never happen) (r 6516)
Web Tools
  • Fixed problems with webtools xml data export and error messages for webtools xml data import. (r 6507)
Work Effort
  • Descriptive changes to work effort seed data to make them clearer. For example, ACTIVITY is a "Workflow Activity" (and hence different than TASK). (r 6502)
  • Fixed bug with workeffort status update. (r 6517)