Friday, October 13, 2006

OFBiz Development r463729

88 new commits this week. SVN r 463729 builds and installs successfully. Significant changes this week were:
  • Removed all author and id information from copyright headers, in compliance with Apache Foundation best practices.
  • Upgraded Derby to and Tomcat to 5.5.20
  • Fixed bugs with anonymous checkout in ecommerce store
  • Fixed bugs with internationalized category content in ecommerce store

  • Fixes and improvements to translations (r 454017, 454090, 454091)
  • Correct value in log for priceWithTax (r 454722)
Base and Framework
  • Fixes and improvements to translations (r 454017, 454090, 454091)
  • A couple of improvements to login error handling with successful authentication, but failures in saving/resetting UserLogin and UserLoginHistory data (r 454438)
  • Fixed issue where delegatorName is not found: looks for delegator in the ServletContext attribute which is where it always should be for an application; this way the Visit is more reliably created, especially after logout when the session is cleared and for a bit the delegatorName isn't there (r 454828)
  • Added a new request response type: request-redirect-noparam that will redirect to a request without adding all of the parameters to the URL (r 462775, 462999)
  • added the userLogin to the preparefind service call (r 463110)
  • Added new currencyFormat method that accepts as input the maximum number of fraction digits: if the value is >= 0 then it is used to override the default value of the currency format of the given locale. (r 463137)
  • in the findservices add an optional timestamp filterByDateValue for the filterByDate function (r 463574)
  • Updated Tomcat/Catalina to version 5.5.20 (r 463657)
  • Updated Derby to version (r 463660)
  • make use of 'delevered to' email address when the 'from' address cannot be found. Also store this address in the communicationEvent info field (r 453801)
  • store the personal name of the from emailaddress in the communicationevent in the info section when the emailaddress is not recognzed (r 454288)
  • Changed storeEmailAsCommunication.communicationEventId back to optional field so sending emails to contact lists would not break (r 463007)
Entity Model
  • Added new view entity to more effectively get and display it, namely PartyContactDetailByPurpose; also added ContactMechPurpose for previous address (r 462860)
  • Approved product requirements are now considered as approved purchase orders by the MRP. (r 454305)
  • If a po delivery schedule (OrderDeliverySchedule) date is available, the MRP will consider this date instead of the OrderItem date. (r 454315)
  • Fixes and improvements to translations (r 454017, 454090, 454091)
  • Fixed layout issue in order view screen (r 454328)
  • refactored createOrderNote to use the dispatcher to call a service (r 462613)
  • add support for setting itemType and itemDescription in the bulk add products (r 462703)
  • Added copy of countyGeoId when creating customers (r 462859)
  • Fix bug where changing order adjustments was not changing order total (r 463518)
  • Fixed problems with recalc shipping service where lack of a shipment estimate would cause an NPE or return a service error, making it impossible to cancel purchase order items (r 463729)
  • allw the 'enabled' field to be set at userLogin Creation, add some button labels (r 454138)
  • remove the unused 'presonal' parameter to the findPartyFromEmailAddress service call (r 463576)
Point Of Sales
  • Label modification for "(adjusment)" in POS Journal (POS Journal is what customer views on screen before printing receipt) (r 454000, 45010)
  • new form in facility manager to display inventory item details of a product (r 453817)
  • createProductStore will now fail with error if you try to set "show VAT in price" but the VAT tax geo id and tax party are empty. (r 462806, 462867)
  • Removed possibility of creating a category with a category type, which is not allowed by service, from the edit category screen, and defaulted category type to CATALOG_CATEGORY (r 462916)
  • Pack order will not check items which have no quantity to pack. (r 463339)
  • "Pack Qty" has been changed to "Qty to Pack", at least in English. (r 463340)
  • Fixed rate shopping option for upsRateEstimate (r 463344)
Seed Data
  • Moved DemoCategoriesI18nData.xml from product to ecommerce to avoid data loading error (r 453883, 454213)
  • Company party is now in NA role by default (r 463664)
Web Tools
  • Implemented a new WebTools screen to view the content of the ofbiz log file. (r 462762, 462763)
  • Removed a lot of unused files from the webtools application. (r 462830)
  • A fix for the issues run into after an anonymous checkout process; this will clear the whole session when clearing the cart after checkout if the userLoginId is anonymous; the order confirmation page is then rendered with authentication using a variable that is put in a request attribute instead of the session so that after the page is rendered there are no remnants of the anonymous user; this solves a lot of funny behavior that is inconsistent with the idea of a checkout with no login (r 462584)
  • Now the ecommerce store's header will use titleProperty defined in the screen widgets
  • fix potential bug with last viewed categories when some categories don't have content wrappers (r 462908, 462910, 463150)