Friday, November 03, 2006

OFBiz Development r470749

51 new commits this week. SVN r 470749 builds and installs successfully. Significant changes this week:
  1. Invoicing service now supports pro-rating of sales tax flag and additional charges on the Shipment entity.
  2. Shark component has been disabled.
  3. Re-factored receive inventory has been fixed to support serialized as well as non-serialized inventory.
Also, the OFBIZ Users Conference took place in Utah this week. You can view the PDF of my remote presentation, Under the Hood with OFBiz/opentaps online, and videos will be available on soon.

  • Removed not needed reference to the workflow component from the accounting build script. (r 468670)
  • New italian translations (r 469808)
  • Invoicing services now support pro-rating of taxes based on product store settings and invoicing of additional shipping charges from the Shipment entity (r 470173)
Base and Framework
  • Reversed BSF jar to the older version because the new one broke JPublish (r 468683, 468667, 468954)
  • Small change to SECA xsd to allow seca files without any rules in them (r 469030)
  • Added option to condition-expr to ignore-case, makes things lots easier when you need something like that. This affects the form, screen, tree widgets and minilang, as well as the Java EntityFinderUtil (r 469046)
  • Implemented a service that calls a CDyne service to get info for a zipcode; also added a service that can be triggered with an SECA (commented out example in the secas_cdyne.xml file) that will call this when a PostalAddress is created or updated and fill in the countyGeoId if a county exists in the database that matches it; also added a couple of Utah counties in the seed data to test this (r 469049)
  • Disabled the shark component by default (r 469084)
  • Better thread information in webtools, which works on Java 5 but will not break on JVM 1.4 (r 469251)
  • Fix bug in sequence value utility where it is actually using Integer instead of Long, so very large sequence values cannot be generated (r 469283)
  • Deletion of common french labels not in (r 469343)
  • added a new attribute to the "form" element: override-list-size. It can be used to pass a custom list size (differnt from the actual list size) that can be useful for pagination purposes under some circumstances. The attribute can accept the ${} notation. (r 469408)
  • New italian translations (r 469808)
  • Fix classpath issue in Shark component (r 469914)
  • Converted Shark Jpublish pages to screen widgets (r 469915)
  • Removed applications/content/widget/findprep.bsh which does not seem to be used (r 470685)
  • Commented out reference to a missing bsh script in content management's UserPermissions page. (r 470686)
Entity Model
  • A new prorateTaxes on ProductStore to determine whether the order-level taxes should be charged to invoice in one lumpsum or prorated based on invoice values (r 470168)
  • New italian translations (r 469808)
  • Better defaults -- EMAIL and text/html -- for create comm event for contact list screen (r 470620)
  • Minor french translation changes (r 468500, 468528, 469249)
  • New italian translations (r 469808)
  • Fix possible NPE if return item status has no value (r 469867)
  • New OrderAdjustmentBilling entity to record the relationship between OrderAdjustment and InvoiceItem to help determine which tax, shipping, or promo has been invoiced (r 470162)
  • added relation from ContactListPartyAndContactMech view entity back to ContactListParty (r 470628)
  • converted deprecated minilang operations (r 470730)
Point Of Sales
  • POS will now present an additional dialog if multiple products are found with the same bar code SKU (r 468662)
  • Fix bug for product store screen where geo.geoName is null (r 468463)
  • Minor french translation changes (r 468500, 468528, 469249)
  • UI label fix for "ProductLeave empty for single product receiving" (r 468710)
  • removed some debugging code from CategoryContentWrapper which is commented out and not in the right form (r 469210)
  • add subscription attributes to services and screens/forms (r 469337)
  • Fix pagination issue on facility inventory report (r 469537)
  • Refactored the "receivedInventoryProduct" service from "group" service to minilang. In this way the error handling is easier to maintain and implement and the success response messages are finally implemented (when one or more items are received, now the quantity received, the product id and inventory item id are shown). Also the service now handles correctly both serialized and non serialized inventory. (r 469879)
  • Better buttons for schedule shipment route segments page (r 469995)
  • An additionalShippingCharge entity for Shipment entity to track additional shipping charges on top of order shipping charges to be invoiced for the shipment. This can be accessed from the shipment screens, not from the pack order page (r 470165)
  • A new prorateTaxes on ProductStore to determine whether the order-level taxes should be charged to invoice in one lumpsum or prorated based on invoice values (r 470168)
  • Put a max retry of 3 times on the dhl shipment scheduling service, since it is called asynch sometimes and could spawn a lot of retries if it ever failed (r 470619)
  • Small improvements to the product promo code ui usability. (r 470748)
Seed Data
  • Gift Cards Purchase and Gift Cards Reload categories were reversed in demo data (r 468660)
  • Additional unit conversions (inches and millimeters to micron) (r 469615)
  • Default settings for prorateTaxes for demo stores (r 470170)
Web Tools
  • i18n changes and migration from jsp/region to widgets for the 'cache' pages (r 469809, 469812)
  • corrected some menu text (r 470304)
Work Effort
  • Removed not needed reference to the workflow component from the workeffort build script. (r 468674)