Thursday, December 21, 2006

OFBiz Development r489516

41 new commits this week. SVN r 489516 builds and installs successfully. Significant changes:
  1. Re-factoring and improvements to the way billing accounts are handled during checkout and order creation
  2. General improvements and bug fixes
  3. opentaps Financials now supports sales commission invoices, payments, statements, and balances

  • combine ListFixedAssetStdCosts and EditFixedAssetStdCost defined in FixedAssetScreens.xml into one screen (r 488562)
  • Added default system currency for fixed asset std costs. (r 488565)
  • additional billing account available balance method (r 488867)
  • refactored billing account worker to produce a getBillingAccountOpenOrders method (r 488878)
  • More chinese translations (r 489139)
  • Fix bad link from invoice overview to product (r 489144)
  • Fixed invoice dropdown to use the invoiceTypeId and InvoiceItemTypeMap to select the available invoiceItemTypes (r 489188, 489229, 489239)
Base and Framework
  • Fixed hardcoded string to POS startup file in GUIAPP component (r 487891)
  • Fix bug where JavaMailContainer is broken for all password not consisting of only lowercase characters (r 488137)
  • Removed log4j.appender.css.DatePattern='.'yyyy-MM-dd-HH-mm'.html' from (r 488284)
  • Added valve to support incoming HTTP requests from an SSL Accelerator that are not HTTPS/SSL requests, but that should be treated by the server as secure (r 488748)
Entity Model
  • Add a description field to the subscription entity to be able to have a textfield search on this entity. (r 489236)
  • When a cart is loaded from an existing order, if the ship group is associated to a supplier, then this information is stored in the cart. (r 487780)
  • Added link and event to initialize a cart from an existing order: this implements the ability to clone an order. The link to run it is at the bottom of the "order view" screen. (r 487781)
  • Fixes for the billing account usage during checkout process (r 488588)
  • Clear out rejected payment methods from cart when an order is rejected so they don't get re-authorized. (r 488848)
  • Some minor refactorings to the way the billing account is set in the cart: now it is sufficient to set the billing account id using the setBillingAccount* methods (already available) and it is no more necessary to set the payment method to EXT_BILLACT in the cart. In fact the correct OrderPaymentPreference for the billing account is created by the cart when the order is created (if a billingAccountId is set). So now, if you want to add a billing account to the cart you can simply do this: cart.setBillingAccount(billingAccountId, maxAmount); and you can remove the billing account from the cart with: cart.setBillingAccount(null, 0.0); (r 489337)
  • Cleaned up variable to avoid incorrect information in the order detail payment box when billing account and other methods are both selected. (r 489405)
  • Fixed error messages with accepting returns (r 489476)
Point Of Sales
  • Product selection is no longer shown when the SKU brings up only one product (r 487991)
  • Fix strange POS behavior (r 488273, 488277, 488471)
  • First uses of new posScreen methods setWaitCursor and setNormalCursor : during login and processing sale. (r 488821)
  • Fix bug with facility manager menus (r 487666, 487954)
  • Set width/height of batch generated shipping labels to 669x724 pixels (r 487794)
  • Add a description field to the subscription entity to be able to have a textfield search on this entity. (r 489236)
  • fixed incorrect entity name used in remove store promo service (r 489516)
Seed Data
  • new return reason: COD payment rejected (r 489205)
  • new commission expense gl account type (r 489219)
  • better classification of some customer credit, deposit, and prepaid expenses accounts (r 489499)
Web Tools
  • Trivial layout and formatting improvement to entity sql processor (r 487969, 487970)
Work Effort
  • Fixed update problem when there is no statusId on an existing WorkEffort (r 488040)
  • implement WorkEffort keyword indexing and a manual keyword admin screen (r 488043)
  • Added demo content for the following (mandatory) InventoryItem fields: currencyUomId, ownerPartyId, unitCost. (r 487971)
opentaps Financials
  • Ledger posting for finance charges
  • Ledger posting for sales commissions
  • Sales commissions reports, including balances by sales rep and statements for individual sales reps
  • Sales commission payout supported
  • AR/AP reports now include customer deposits, customer credits, and vendor prepaid expenses
  • Customer billing account screens now support receiving payments for and paying invoices with billing accounts
opentaps CRM
  • When activities (events or tasks) are finished, they are now automatically added time sheets for all the CRM users, allowing for invoicing through the work effort application's time sheet feature.