Friday, November 17, 2006

OFBiz Development r476275

41 new commits this week. SVN r 476275 builds and installs successfully. Important changes are:
  1. Minilang "while-compare" changed to "while"
  2. Migrated entity maintenance pages to screen widget
  3. Fixed many bugs, including payments being applied at the wrong time, facility manager's contact mechs page, problems with losing inventory reservations, and some issues with returns and refunds.
  • Allow PAID -> READY status for invoices. Clear paidDate when status set to READY (r 474485)
  • Set the invoice.paidDate to now if none specified when status set to PAID. (r 474485)
  • Modify createInvoicesFromShipment so that additional shipping charges are authorized and captured along with rest of order amount. (r 474623)
  • Refactored and created new service to release an individual order payment preference. (r 474623)
  • This should fix pagination bug with multiple invoice items (r 475272)
  • Change allocation of payment applications to invoices so that only those which are SENT or RECEIVED are applied to DISBURSEMENTS or RECEIPTS respectively. Previously, the allocation was blind and would apply any PaymentApplication to its invoice without checking status or paymentTypeId. The use of PaymentAndApplication simplified some related code, this whole section of InvoiceServices could use a good refactoring. (r 475329)
Base and Framework
  • Better error message when Unable to bind RMIDispatcher to RMI (r 473893)
  • Changed new minilang "while-compare" to a "while" (r 473333, 473334, 474048)
  • Fix for ListFindSurvey that was not returning any result, due to the missing list-name="listIt" attribute in the form definition. (r 473897)
  • Fix potential bug with a null delivered-to on email header when storing incoming emails (r 474595)
  • Added field to view entity OrderItemQuantityReportGroupByProduct for selecting according to date issued. (r 473455)
  • Fix for bug in room booking (r 473963)
  • Fix typo in OrderReadHelper for getting variant products' weight (r 474717)
  • Fix typo of "Customer PO#" (r 474751)
  • made refund the default option when creating return items from order. (r 475351)
  • Fix bugs in returns where requested return items would be added to return totals, preventing some returns from being accepted. ofbiz-463 (r 475819)
  • when a return header is updated to canceled, all return items will be updated to canceled. (r 476018)
  • The "processOrderPaymets" service now internally gets a ShoppingCart instance by calling the "loadCartFromOrder" service instead of the "loadCartForUpdate" method. (r 476251)
  • French UI labels for Party manager (r 476275)
Point Of Sales
  • Formatting and getting rid of tabs and spaces at end of lines (r 474258)
  • Added a dialog box with a list box to select a product when there are multiple bar code matches (r 474660, 474667)
  • Fix problems with creating new contact information in facility manager (r 473451, 473456, 473460, 473503, 473745)
  • fixed bug where scheduling page did not screen out voided route segments (r 473585)
  • Fix missing tab entries in catalog manager's search box (r 473749)
  • Use POST instead of GET methods in facility contact mech forms. GET was causing problems with non ASCII chars. (r 474678)
  • Made the transaction timeout for copyProductCategoryMember service 10 minutes. (r 475889)
Seed Data
  • Suppression of demo categories descriptions to allow i18n at least for the moment in english/italiano/fran├žais. (r 473691)
  • added a new mime type for zip documents (r 474694)
  • new gl account and account type to support undeposited receipts or funds classification (r 475907)
Web Tools
  • Migrate entity maintenance to screen widget (r 473992, 474005)
  • i18n of product search and search by catalog (r 473652)
  • Fix NOBR tags (r 474173)
opentaps Financials
  • Support for "undeposited receipts" general ledger account to collect received checks, CODs, and cash waiting to be deposited to bank.
  • Transactions summaries report showing accounting activity during a time period.
  • Credit card settlements report showing credit card transactions which have been settled.
  • Payment receipts report showing payments received in a particular account.