Friday, July 20, 2007

OFBIZ r 558048

eBay integration (557392, 557918, 557924, 557925, 557960)

Chinese translations (556459)
Upgrade to Apache Lucene 2.2.0 (556839, 556842, 557542)

Added effectiveDate field to InventoryItemDetail to more easily find when an inventory change is effective; not really sofisticated for now, either current date/time or if there is an ItemIssuance then the issuanceDateTime (557939)
Fixed bug with 2 content tags in screen definition (557859)
Fixed bug in error in view-size used for paginate = "false" form (557554)
Fixed bug in reorder quantity from requirements in MRP (557194)
Small change to show more information about exceptions that happen during test execution in TestContainer (557528)

Fixed a rounding issue relating to BillingAccount's maxAmount (556341)
Changed set-service-fields to add validation errors to a list instead of quiting, then calling method can control what to do with them (557102, 557109)
Simplified the code in the ecommerce's sidedeepcategory.ftl template and added the ability to wrap each category in the list in its own box (where the box title contains the category name). (557880, 557902)

CustRequest note bug fix (557207)
Party Mgr Communication event bug fix (557253)
run updates to return and order status as systsem user. (557446)
Automated commission invoices should run as system user (557705)
subscription bug fixes (557473, 557476, 557482, 557899)

Implemented feature to lookup city or county or other tax jurisdiction by postal code; includes some demo/test data for it that will work with DemoCustomer; there are some new patterns established like a convention for postal code ID within a country (556364)

Fix Payment application problems with billing account (556498)
Moved blog and order component demo data out of the securityext component (557077)
Improved currency UOM drop-down lists (557086)

add lookup for party and content in the websiteContent webSiteParty forms (556218)
Service to expire a contactmechpurpose if it exists. Found useful in Party profile page. (556256)
Improved Shipment notification email set up. (556264, 556514)
cleaned up code for sending email when new user is created. (556520, 556807)
Implemented a very simple widget form renderer and screen view handler for text based output (e.g. csv files etc...) (556302)
A bunch of changes to use commonY