Friday, August 03, 2007

OFBIZ r 562517

When creating product requirements as the result of receiving inventory, only create a requirement if the total of existing requirements for that product/facility is insufficient to cover the needed quantity (559934, 561090)
eBay enhancements (560136, 561751, 561942, 562018)
Google Base enhancements (561963)
Changed to not warn about transaction timeout if not timeout is passed to this object (560155)
Fixed Tomcat JSP pages problems (560485)
Some improvements to handling cases where rendering the error messages fails, and the alternate fails, etc to ControlServlet (560486)
Billing account terms are now copied as order terms when the order is created (560517)
Enhanced pagination of forms (560524)
Various Order and ShoppingCart methods changed to BigDecimal. (560628, 560640, 560642, 560644, 560649)
Improved the tracking code orders and visits result screens to show the pagination links. (560914)
New TextScreenRender widget (560945, 560947)
Append whitespaces for text form render (561234)
Small html improvements to html form render (560938)
Created a new ScreenRenderException to reduce the amount of error messages logged (561025)
Fixed bug in finAccountReplenish service which was passing wrong object type to finAccountDeposit service (561457)
Created SECURITYADMIN security group (561569, 561925)
Fix a problem where processSubscription and extend subscription by order services were returning error for orders which did not have the End User Customer role created. (561883)
Implemented services to quickly create inventory transfers from requirements. (561875)
Added support for multiple submit fields in multi forms. (561872)
USPS address validation enhancements: city+state or zip is required, and returns failure instead of error (561866, 562517)
Fixed issue when there is no forward slash in the prefix or in the value in the ofbizContentUrl transform (561701, 561759)
automatically create and link a fixed asset when a 'asset_usage' type product is created. (561708)