Friday, August 10, 2007

OFBIZ r 564733

Fixed bug where ProductStore.headerApprovedStatus wasn't working because the check item status service was always setting it to approved (562843)

Google export fixes (562856, 562879, 564490)

ebay fixes (562914, 562917, 563059, 564503, )

Added ability to set a work effort id at the beginning of the order entry (backend); it will generate a record in the OrderHeaderWorkEffort entity. (563525, 563544

Added ProductCategoryRollupAndChild view entity for querying on the child categories of another category (563776)

Better error logging in manufacturing and fix for a complex date related issue happening when a production run for a product with WIP (Work In Process) components was issued: from a requirement: the start date of the requirement could be wrong (563823)
Misc fixes for ProductStoreFinActSetting (564162)
A little better handling of the rare case where the userLoginId is missing or bad; avoid an NPE and give a better error message (564344)
Adding a service to check if orderItem is on BackOrder. (564359)
Changed personal info update notification to show a warning and not call the send mail from screen service if there is no to address (564459)
create a shiment plan ONLY for phyiscal products (564520)
Added method to ORH see if an order has physical product items (564521)
FreeMarkerWorker caching bug fix (564530)

Added fop config file (with unchanged default value to the webapp/config folder.
Also changed the ApacheFopFactory to load froom webapp/config instead of widget/config. (564545)

Added simple way to set a user defined/custom font family for XSL-FO templates (thru FO inheritance). (564554, 564555)

Implemented a new feature to do a check on data files with no changes to the database instead of loading the data; this includes some refactoring of other classes that do this and a few improvements as well based on some testing (564565)

Implemented a standard XSL-FO template to display error messages returned while rendering XSL-FO reports. (564615)

Fix bugt where balanceInventoryItems wasn't doing it in the same facility (564711)