Monday, February 18, 2008

ofbiz development r 628825

Bug fix for the ResourceBundleMapWrapper - eliminate redundant Map Stack entries. Duplicate copies of ResourceBundles were being added to the MapStack. (618941, 618942)
Small enhancement to the ModelScreenWidget class. Created member variables for ModelForm and ModelMenu, and provided accessor methods to retrieve those variables. (619566, 619570. 619599)
New screenlet widget (620699, 627983)
Added seed-initial data set and changed all JobSandbox seed data entries to be in this instead; allows for reloading of seed data withows for reloading of seed data without redundant jobs scheduled (627824)
Geo data for Bulgaria (627900, 628129)
Small change to use List instead of Collection for ECA rule lists in the generic cached Map (628698)
A cleanup of the form widget so that ModelForm is initially created without a delegator and dispatcher but only model data, and then the del/disp come from the render context (628699)
Miscellaneous enhancements to use FastMap/FastList (628700)
Added skeleton of a new class to be used with various tools to get information about artifacts built with framework tools (628701)
Fix sales discount doesn't show in POS Journal problem (628551, 628825)