Friday, November 23, 2007

ofbiz r 597673

Providing EventMessages as a screen by itself. Added it to view in controller so it can be used in response to error condition in request process. It will come handy when partial screen is updated in response to Ajax request. (595883)
Show progress bar during file upload in Party Content. (595890)
added method to create text content with a optional sub-section of uploaded content (i.e. text with an image/audio/video) (596510)
Small improvement to the currency uom handling in the shopping list screen: instead of getting the generic currency (from it now uses the cart's currency (a cart object is automatically set if not available). (596625)
Added support for the element to the ModelChild class, which all of ModelField, ModelIndex, and ModelRelation extend. (596815)
Updated the Webtools services to use the new description methods in the entity classes (Revision 596815). The Entity Reference page now contains much more documentation. (596821)
Entity Reference PDF file generation code. (596885)
Moved test service for orders to a new file to trim down the behemoth a little; refactored to use a separate service to test the natuctored to create the orders in a separate service to test the lock wait timeout issue, and it turns out it IS related to the one huge transaction, so we have a solution to the problem in a way, but still need to find more about the nature of it and such (596999)
add view to facilitate the party -> project -> phase -> task principle (597011)
make sure a new timesheet has a valid status and avoid creating duplicate timesheets with the createTimesheetForThisWeek service (597098)
Added a few more fields to the googlebase screens and source to allow loading of UK and potentially DE (EURO-not tested) products. Also added a couple more fields like brand and SKU. (597108)
Implemented new signature (that accepts a parameters Map instead of an HttpServletRequest) for the util method: makeParamMapWithPrefix.
Added code to the ShoppingCartHelper..addToCart method to prepare a map of additiona features for the cart (if additional features are selected during order entry). (597166)