Friday, December 14, 2007

ofbiz r 604182

Added new FOP templates and decorator. The new FOP decorator operates more like the screen GlobalDecorator. Parameters can be passed to templates via the layoutSettings Map, and there is an assortment of standard page size templates. (602516)
Correct a problem with calendar window popup (602586)
Implemented new wrapper service and refactored the quick return creation to use it: in this way the creation of the return header and the creation of the items and adjustments are all in the same atomic transaction. No header is created if the creation of the items/adjustments fails. (602649)
UtilDateTime show number of days between timestamps and add a day to a timestamp (602650)
UtilProperties bug fixes (603024, 603059)
Created a fop log4j logger because the root logger setting of "all" was bogging down fop rendering. (603107)
Enable entity reference PDF menu item now that fop rendering speed has been fixed. (603108)
New ebay component (603323, 603325, 603326, 603345, 603349, 603351, 603353,)
FOP code enhancements (603483)
Improved error handling in ScreenFopViewHandler (603703)
Search for product by goodId type/value in googlebase (603734) and catalog (603735)
Fix paypal not creating order payment preference (604030)