Friday, November 30, 2007

ofbiz r 599874

make the form widget input field: working (597818, 598519)
Prevent momentary flashes of previous keystrokes while switching screens in pos (597928) and removed some unneeded events (597961)
When adding a payment method/type an existing CartPaymentInfo should only be updated when the replace parameter has been set to true, (597967)
Fixes for numerous bugs relating to processing multiple POS payments (597972)
Fix ui label bug in POS (597973)
Now tracking orderPaymentPreference status change. (598148)
Added a new method to help clear redundant payment functions from the input function stack of POS. (598157)
Before triggering the createInventoryItemStatus service, that requires the statusId field, verify if the statusId is actually available in the context. Without this condition an error message was returned (for example when a non-serialized inventory item was transferred between two warehouses owned by different companies). (598177)
Added Xalan jars from Fop 0.94 distribution (598214)
Added matching MapStack pop in HtmlWidget (598361)
Enable HTML whitespace removal through element (598362)
Adding service for setting OrderPaymentStatus. (598941)
Model form field show date part of a timestamp in form display (598492, 598505)
New uom for each and per person (598575)
New verifyCreditCard service which will be called as an ECA on createCreditCard and updateCreditCard services (598608)
New Enum for Party Invitation Email (598609)
StringUtil.htmlSpecialChars: ampersand replaced with "&s;" instead of "&" (598679)
Set the statuses of both purchase order items and linked sales order items to completed when quickDropShipping a drop ship group (598723)
Fix a bug where invoice items of type product cannot be updated if they don't have a productId (598732)
Report freemarker file not found error to the screen so we don't have to dig through a very messy log to find it. (598813)
Added rateCode field and code to set it in OrderItemPriceInfo, now set in calc price service too (598933)
A suggested change by William Perng "Price rule does not work with quote" (598962)*
Support a new format for localization in XML files (599356)
Extended the InventoryItemDetail entity to keep track of the unit cost history of an inventory item. (599516, 599826, 599866)
added WORKEFFORT_USER security group (599858)