Friday, May 20, 2005

SVN r5010

21 new commits this week. SVN r5010 builds and installs successfully. Significant changes this week:
  1. New quote coefficient feature in order manager, allowing quotes to be based as a multiple of costs.
  2. Ecommerce component being modified to allow changing ProductStore in the middle of a session. Does not appear to be done yet.
Entity and Seed Data
  • New QuoteCoefficient entity added in the order application
Base and Framework
  • The avalon-framework library has been upgraded to version 4.1.5. (If you are updating an existing version, do an "ant clean" and "ant" to re-compile, or you may encounter some problems with this change.) (r4994)
  • The krysalis-barcode library has been replaced with the newer barcode4j-fop (r4994)
  • BarcodeGenerator and BarcodeTransform classes have been updated accordingly (r4997)
  • Formatting of "treewrapper" CSS class fixed to 10pt (r5006)
  • New UiLabel for an error message when user is trying to create GL entries whose debits and credits don't balance. (r5003)
Accounting GL Implementation
  • Finished first version of posting invoices (both AR and AP) to the General Ledger in the AcctgTrans and AcctgTransEntry entities. This posting also supports currency translations.
  • New capability being added to allow changing of ProductStore in the middle of a shopping session. This appears to have not been completed. (r5007)
Order Component
  • Improved quotes features in order manager. Now quotes can have a quote coefficient which allows an easy cost-to-price quote relationship based on the AVERAGE_COST product price. New screens were created to manage quote coefficients as well. (r4991, r4992)
  • Order manager's initial order entry page has been improved (r5000), and purchase vs. sales order boxes are shown only to users with the appropriate permission (r5010)
Party Component
  • Fixed problems with passing in multiple partyIds in Party Manager (r4995)
Product Component
  • Fixed bug of removing keywords with unicode characters from products (r4990)
  • Shipment items in facility manager now show product sub-components (if they exist) (r4998)
  • Fixed highlighting of "Main" and "Thesaurus" header menu items (r4999)
  • Page title for "edit supplier product" added to UiLabels as "PageTitleEditSupplierProduct" (r5004)
  • Bug with removing category from product catalog fixed (r5005)
  • Pagination problem when looking at a list of configurable product items (r5008)
Securityext Component
  • Fixed incorrect error messages for services that create, update, and remove security groups. Previous error messages said you needed "CATALOG_" permissions when in fact it was "SECURITY_" permissions that were needed. (r5009)


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