Friday, February 10, 2006

OFBiz Development SVN r6706

new commits this week. SVN 6670 builds and installs successfully.

Significant changes this week
  1. Moved jxunits out to a specialized/ directory
  2. Lots of improvements to the composite document and content approval features.
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Jacopo, David, Andy, Al Byers, Pierre G., Andrew Sykes, Leon, Mu Jinsong, and myself.

Base and Framework
  • The RequestHandler will now forward error messages from the previous request after a "request-redirect" (r 6672)
  • Moved JxUnit tests to specialized/jxtests as a separate component. (r 6682, 6684)
  • Improved view-entity alias field conflict message (r 6685)
  • Changed login service so that request attributes for USERNAME and PASSWORD can override values in request parameters or session attributes (r 6694, 6695)
  • Fixed the performFind service's sameDay flag missing timestamps set at midnight (r 6697)
  • Removed Tyrex comments from entityengine.xml (r 6702, 6679)
  • Splitting content services into _email, _survey, and _contenttypes (r 6677)
  • Fixed the genCompDocInstance service so that root instances of a template compdoc can be generated. (r 6696)
  • CompDoc parts now generate ContentRevisionItems correctly. (r 6698)
  • Improved ContentApproval and ContentRevision admin. (r 6699)
  • Survey maintenance pages now mad ewith screen widgets (r 6703)
  • Added cloneContentApprovals service to associate ContentApproval records to next Content. (r 6704)
Entity Model
  • Fixed some issues in entity defs, like conflicting field aliases in view entities and one unnecessary many relationship. (r 6686, 6687)
  • The addresses of a Return can now be edited and viewed correctly again. (r 6671)
  • Editing return items now allows editing of return items' expected inventory status instead of general status (r 6671)
  • Fixed the lack of orderTerms for new order when creating a replacement for a returned item. However, this does not fix the feature--it has not been updated since before order shipment groups. (r 6674)
  • Comments on the returnItems.ftl page (r 6675)
  • More enhancement of CompDoc navigation and forms. (r 6676)
  • CheckOutHelper will now clear all cart items' status before creating order, using new method in ShoppingCart. (r 6678)
  • Error gets sent back up when refund payment fails. (r 6688, 6689, 6693)
  • New returnItems flag to disallow modifying returns/credits/refunds of sales taxes. (r 6691)
  • New sub-totals column and ui labels for return items page. (r 6692)
  • storeOrder service now allows setting of orderDate as a parameter, for orders coming in through integration (r 6701)
  • Fixed bug where trying to add an order adjustment from the orderview->Edit Items page would crash. (r 6705, 6706)
  • Parametrized decorator locations. (r 6681)
  • Parametrized decorator locations. (r 6681)
  • Updated CSS for catalog manager screens (r 6681)
  • Packing now no longer allows us to complete empty packed shipments (r 6690)
Work Effort
  • New WorkEffortAvailability status for "Away" (r 6673)
  • searchContent in ecommerce now uses <@ofbizUrl> instead of static address. (r 6700)