Friday, March 24, 2006

OFBiz Development SVN r7073

63 new commits this week. SVN r 7071 builds and installs successfully.

Significant Changes are:
  1. Fixed the rounding error in minilang's "calculate" operation.
  2. Inventory transfer has been fixed.
  3. Enhancements to manufacturing, catalog manager, and order manager to show product and inventory information
  • New link to party manager's profile in invoice/payment header (r 7012, 6998, 6999, 7072)
  • Fixed up lookup forms for invoices and payments (r 7018)
  • Moved over LookupBillingAccount stuff from accountingext (r 7021)
  • Debugging log message for posted balance in postAcctgTrans (r 7025, 7028)
  • Convert a couple of fields from BigDecimal to Double in Invoice Services. (r 7030)
  • InvoiceWorker getInvoiceApplied and getInvoiceNotApplied methods which allows us to figure out the amount that was applied before an asOfDateTime parameter, based on the Payment.effectiveDate. (r 7051)
  • Fixed many FixedAsset screens and forms (r 7054, 7055)
  • Invoices created from orders and shipments now have a dueDate based on order term. (r 7069)
Base and Framework
  • fixed purge job code; due to removeRelated calling rollback only, if ever a job shares a runtime entry with a future job (recurring job) the entire process will rollback. Now, each remove is handled by a unique transaction allowing to delete all but the records which have errors. (r 7027)
  • Changed the GenericEntity.set method data type mismatch message from error to warning (r 7032)
  • re-factored into several re-usable methods (r 7040)
  • Fixed BigDecimal rounding errors in the minilang "Calculate" operation (r 7043)
  • Dataresource-id attribute is now supported as an alternative to the content-id attribute in the content element of the screen widget (r 7045, 7050)
  • A few error message improvements in screen-widget to help track things down (r 7061)
  • Cleanups of CompDoc stuff: includes formatting, fixed bad links and a fair number of inconsistent parameter and field mapping problems, added a few helpful labels to know what is being viewed, also a few style and visual cleanups (r 7063)
Entity Model
  • Added glAccountTypeId to AcctgTransAndEntries view so the entries can be selected by account type (r 7026)
  • Modified production run services to use the createInventoryItem service instead of creating inventory items directly. (r 7022)
  • Added two new WorkEffort services, setWorkEffortFixedAssetAssign and getProductManufacturingSummaryByFacility. The latter is useful to get information about the production runs (by facility) related to a given productId: information about total quantity in production or total quantity needed by production runs is retrieved (together with the list of production runs). (r 7057, 7067)
  • Improved some purchase order product not valid error messages (r 7029)
  • Changed shopping cart so that inventory checks are not done for purchase orders, and so that the cart is not auto-saved for purchase orders (r 7033)
  • Fixed order entry NPE bug if store name is missing (r 7056)
  • Added more inventory and order quantity information to the orderview page, including: quantity ordered, request for shipping, shipped, returned, and invoiced. Also now shows total required inventory, quantity already in inventory, on order, and the unplanned inventory shortfall. (r 7059)
  • A sales forecast history record is now stored each time the forecast is created or updated, just like with other history entities (r 7060)
  • Order entry NPE fixes (r 7062)
  • Fixed possible NPE if store name is missing in find orders of order manager (r 7064)
  • Added link from order entry to perform a quick order checkout with default values (r 7065)
  • Changed order entry so the amount is set before quantity, in case item needs amount (r 7066)
  • New OrderReadHelper methods for getting order terms and net days for order (r 7068)
  • Fixed bug on the order confirmation page where the order for party was never displayed correctly. Now it will show the order for party for both sales and purchase orders correctly (r 7070)
  • PartyQual expanded for education/experience and a new createPartyQual service (r 7008, 7010)
  • Fixed a bad error message syntax and formatting (r 7015, 7016)
  • Fixed type casting error in (r 7017)
  • When, during the creation of a new inventory item, there is the need to set a default currency, and the currency is not set in PartyAcctgPreference entry for the owner party, then the one set in the is used. (r 7035)
  • Modified various services to use createInventoryItem service (r 7023, 7036)
  • Fixed bug that could occur when no status is selected for an inventory transfer. (r 7037)
  • Fixed wrong input parameters passed to the createInventoryItemDetail service that caused the cancelInventoryTransfer service to fail. (r 7038)
  • Fixed bug in inventory tranfers that happened when the inventory item had to be splitted into two ones. In the new one (cloned from the original) the old qoh total and atp total field were not cleaned up and this was messing up the numbers. (r 7039)
  • Added logic in the "createProduct" service to fill with default values ("N") the isVirtual and isVariant fields and the billOfMaterialLevel field (0) (r 7046)
  • Modified the drop down boxes for the isVirtual and isVariant fields in the "edit product" form to not allow for empty values (r 7046)
  • Fixed bug in inventory transfer where wrong field inventoryItem.availableToPromise was used instead of inventoryItem.availableToPromiseTotal. (r 7048)
  • When transferring inventory, an ooldOwnerPartyId is returned, and if the inventory item is transferred to a facility owned by a different party from the inventory item's owner party, then the inventory item's owner is changed (using the updateInventoryItem service). (r 7053)
  • The Product->Inventory page has been improved so that the "ATP/QOH/in&out shipments/in&out production runs" are now shown only for the facilities to which the product is associated by the ProductFacility entity (and there is a link to show all the facilities), and there is also added information about total qty in/out from/to production runs (r 7057)
  • The catalog manager lookup product page has been fixed so that now it's possible to select also virtual product ids, and variants are not shown in the main list, but they can be selected after clicking the variants link (r 7058)
  • Got rid of arbitrary field length limitations on unit cost when receiving products into warehouses (r 7071)
Seed Data
  • New INVENTORY_ADJUST, ACCUM_DEPRECIATION, and ACCUM_AMORTIZATION gl account classes (r 7011, 7013, 7014)
  • Add PartyAcctgPreferences for Company (r 7024, 7073)
  • New COGS average cost adjustment GL account and account type (r 7031)
  • Added default values (N) for Product.isVirtual and Product.isVariant fields in demo products. (r 7047)
  • Re-classified Merchant Settlement Accounts (credit cards) to avoid double counting in AR/AP reports. (r 7049)
  • Added new inventory transfer-in and -out payables and receivables accounts (r 7049)
Work Effort
  • Fixed lookup for invoices (r 7020)