Friday, February 24, 2006

OFBiz Development SVN r6841

82 new commits this week. SVN 6841 builds and installs successfully.

Significant changes this week
  1. New Invoice and Payment functionality, including manually creating, updating, confirming invoices and printing as PDF (invoices) or Checks (payments) and sending as emails.
  2. Composite Doc rendering seems to be done (ask Al Byers for details. :))
  3. Most of re-factoring of returns into separate return items and adjustments is done.
  4. Conversion of invoice creation services to use BigDecimal for precision.

  • New invoice screens and services, including ability to create, modify, add and remove invoice line items, and print invoices as PDF (r 6779, 6791, 6822, 6826)
  • New payment screens, including ability to create, modify, and update payments, change their status. (r 6779, 6780, 6808, 6809, 6812, 6827)
  • New Chart of Account and detail of transactions screens (r 6793, 6794, 6795)
  • Print payment as 3-part business check in PDF (r 6810, 6811)
  • Updated InvoiceServices, including createInvoice, to use BigDecimal for better precision. (r 6824, 6839)
Base and Framework
  • Fixed .classpath to allow compiling in Eclipse (r 6765)
  • Fixed selectAll() javascript (r 6766)
  • New error messages for form when calling services (r 6787, 6789)
  • Adding tags for default-permission-operation and default-permission-entity-action in menu-widget XSD (r 6788)
  • Made SimpleContentViewHandler contentRevisionSeqId aware. (r 6769, 6770)
  • A number of Survey enhancements for Multi-Response and Multi-Page surveys; this includes demo data for these; Multi-Response rendering and input processing is in place, though still has a couple of issues; the admin pages still need to be created for both Multi-Response and Multi-Page; rendering for Multi-Page still not finished; note that this includes consolidation of survey rendering to a single file (previous genericsurvey.ftl files were already out of sync) that both content and ecommerce use, this results in a CHANGE in DEMO DATA so for those running a ProductStore with Surveys based on these, the survey render template location needs to be updated in the database (r 6771, 6772, 6773)
  • CompDoc bug fixes and UI enhancements (r 6769, 6770, 6774, 6783, 6785, 6786, 6790, 6792, 6801, 6803, 6804, 6806)
  • Added SurveyMultiResp and SurveyPage maint services (r 6775)
  • New SurveyPage forms (r 6776)
  • New SuveyMultiResp and -Column admin page (r 6777)
  • Added page and multi-resp columns to add question and view/edit question on EditSurveyQuestions page (r 6782)
  • A number of changes for Survey integration with CompDoc; tracking surveyId in a new DataResource field relatedDetailId (r 6800)
  • Some more Survey/CompDoc integration work; added Survey and SurveyResponse lookups; for CDI Part with type Survey added some stuff; also cleaned up a few things in the add CDI/T child and edit CDI/T child (r 6813, 6818, 6819)
  • Added/improved some Survey Response screens for find/edit/etc; also some Content service cleanups done while reviewing (r 6820)
  • Added renderCompDocPdf and renderContentPdf services. Also added an OpenOfficeEvents.genCompDocPdf method to call renderCompDocPdf and stream the resulting byteWrapper via response. (r 6821)
  • A fix to DataResourceWorker.getContentFile. Got CompDoc PDF generation almost working for MSWord and PDFs. (r 6832, 6833)
Entity Model
  • Fixed duplicate fk-name in ReturnAdjustment (r 6816)
  • Fixed SalesForecast and SalesForecastHistory relations issues. (r 6817)
  • Fixed bug in the LLC init service of BOM services (wrong field type) (r 6837)
  • Fixed bug where SalesForecast.changeNote wasn't being saved. (r 6768)
  • More improvements to returns, including creating, modifying, and accepting returns with separate adjustment records. (r 6796, 6797, 6799, 6807)
  • Fixed bug which was allowing cancelled payment preferences to be re-authorized when an order is edited (r 6802)
  • Changed references for viewing invoice to invoiceOverview, which is the new name of the invoice details page (r 6825)
  • Quick refund now checks if return inventory already has serialized stock before putting them back as serialized. Otherwise it receives them as non-serialized (r 6840)
  • Fixed more bugs with returns: partial return followed by quick refund now works. Return items and their adjustments now have the same types (credit, refund, etc.) Most of the returns re-factoring is now done. (r 6841)
  • Fixed PackingServices and PackingSession packing code to allow packing items with multiple inventory reservations (r 6764)
  • updated inventory calc routine to only include available and promised serialized status in qoh calc (r 6767)
  • Fixed duplicate manufacturerPartyId on create product form (r 6781)
  • Bug fix for SearchInventoryResults form (r 6784)
  • Now creating a SALES_RETURN shipment for items received from a return during quickReceiveReturn (r 6815, 6823)
  • Fixed wrong quantityAccepted in ShipmentReceipt of SERIALIZED inventory items: each item should be 1 unit. Was creating 10 shipment receipts of 10 units each (r 6829)
  • Fixed bug where inventory reservation was getting lost when inventory was being rebalanced. (r 6830)
  • Buttons style and links to shipment and order from receive inventory page (r 6838)
Seed Data
  • New seed data for (customer) return invoices and mapping from return item types and adjustments to return invoices (r 6828)
  • Revamped the CompDoc seed data to test the PDF composite generation. (r 6831, 6832)
Work Effort
  • Fixed timesheet service definition error (r 6814)