Friday, January 12, 2007

OFBiz Development r495740

53 new commits this week. OFBIZ SVN r 495740 builds and installs successfully. Important changes:
  1. Significant re-factoring of service groups and service permission definitions in the services xml files.
  2. Improved support for serialized inventory and physical variance in the facility manager.

Base and Framework
  • refactor of service groups; implemented in-line group definition in standard service defs, this removes the need to create two definitions for a service group. Old group definition files are still supported, but need to be updated to change 'service' to 'invoke'. (r 493117)
  • allows the 'service' element to be passed in new service group definition, but returns a warning message (r 493135)
  • Fixed service eca rule so that parameter setters only happen when conditions eval as true (r 493184)
  • Implemeted default values for service parameters; when default-value is set, it becomes optional, if no value is passed, the defined default value is used. (r 493185)
  • Implemented new interface for custom service security (r 493185)
  • Changed JobManager finalize() method to shutdown() since calling finalize() is not recommended in java (r 493185)
  • Fixed and improved comments in simple-methods xsd (r 493176, 493502, 494212, 494323)
  • Fixed problem with map-key alternative of assoc-name in the sub-content screen widget element (r 493653)
  • updated test services to reflect new inline group changes to service defs (r 493926)
  • added ability to pass in OutputFormat object in UtilXml (r 493930)
  • added quick method to obtain an outputstream in FileUtil (r 493931)
  • Added selector for TH elements in main css file, so that TH elements and tableheadtext class are decorated in the same way. (r 494123)
  • implemented new service based permission; removed the ServiceSecurity interface which this now replacess (r 494718)
  • userLogin service now implementes the authentication service interface (r 494719)
  • added examples of using new service based security; removed all security calls from the simple methods, added the security line to the definitions, implemented a generic simple permission example (r 494720)
  • Added resource-description attribute to permission-service element, which if not specified will default to the service-name for the main service; this is then passed to the permission service for use in error messages, etc; added example to this in the example component; also updated the header on the ExamplePermissionServices.xml file to make it more consistent (r 494762)
  • Fixed bug with getting default info for resource description (r 495523)
  • final refactor of content upload services; now the upload (save file) service is broken down so it can be reused to upload any content and attach to an existing dataresource. The dataresource shell should be created before calling the upload service A new createContentFromUploadedFile (group) service will do the following: 1) create data resource 2) accept uploaded stream, update datasource and save the local file 3) create content record associated with data resource (r 493122)
  • added create/update electronic text service calls to the create/updateTextContent group(s) (r 493925)
  • Fix some missing UI labels (r 495739, 495740)
  • Turned off transactions for the getBOMTree because it does not store any data, and wrapping it in transactions caused timeouts when doing a large BOM (r 494910)
Multiple Components
  • existing service group files migrated to new format (r 493120)
  • fixed route services (for update) and createTextContent; implemented both party and workeffort services (r 493129)
  • Fixed some french translations (r 493487)
  • uploadPartyContentFile now calls into the new content services, then calls the createPartyContent service. One step to upload a file attached to a user. (r 493123)
  • For contact list emails, the status remains in PENDING until the async send email service complets (r 495066, 495429)
  • Screen in facility manager to do physical inventory variance on multiple inventory items on one screen, search by productId or internal name (r 494138, 495042)
  • Fix bug where shipped serialized inventory items were not decreasing the QoH. (r 494270)
  • Go to view inventory item after receiving a single product. Also set the status of received serialized items to INV_AVAILABLE using updateInventoryItem to be consistent with the receiving of non-serialized inventory. (r 494271)
  • Changed the categories in catalog manager from a dropdown to a lookup, to help with stores with lots of categories. NOTE: We could still use your help cleaning up the lookup code. (r 494515, 494558, 494682)
  • Fix bug with USPS Rate estimate (r 495725)
Seed Data
  • fixed wrong type id for interest receipt (r 493219)
  • New party classification of wholesale vs. retail and new contact mech purpose type of Direct Inward Dialing for phone numbers (r 494229)
  • Added alt text ProductContentTypes for the image types (r 494313)
Work Effort
  • added upate workeffort content; extended the workeffort content wrapper to pull IDs (data resource and content) (r 493221)
  • extend WorkEffort advanced search UI (r 493684)
  • Fixed logic of WorkEffortAssoc from and to combination to be ORed instead of ANDed as would make sense to produce any results (r 493688)
  • Tested and fixed the 2-way WorkEffortAssoc search (r 493690)
  • Added little demo of 2 content sections included on the policies page (r 493431)
  • Hindi translation of ecommerce file (r 494043)
opentaps CRM
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Activities can now be searched by date and status as well as by activity name
  • Notification emails are now sent out when an account or lead is assigned or when an internal party is added to an activity (event or task)
opentaps Financials
  • Improved inventory value detail report to show breakdown of adjustment GL accounts by product and inventory item
  • Implemented correct handling of serialized inventory accounting based exclusively on InventoryItem.statusId rather than shipment or receipt which is the case for non-serialized inventory