Thursday, August 16, 2007

OFBIZ r 566834

Allow reservations also on quotes (566181)
Set UTF-8 encoding for emails (566428)
Added returnId and returnItemSeqId to InventoryItemDetail for tracking inventory changes based on returns (566456)
Added ProductWorker method for getting refurb or original productIds, useful for doing inventory queries by serial number and productId when it may change after refurbishment but keep the same serial number
Rental of fixed asset changes (566696, 566700, 566702, 566709)
recalcOrderTax will now use billing address if there is no shipping address and just not re-calc tax if there are no addresses (566719)
GIS support via WFS (566781)

Improve FreemarkerWorker flexibility (564914)
Improve timezone support (564957)
HtmlTreeRender bug fix (564961)
HtmlWidget error message (564974)
Fix font path in ApacheFopFactory (565010)
Workeffort calendar supports user-selected time zones. (565073)
QuoteWorkEffort bug fix (565083)
service to create test sales orders with random products (565129)
A reusable ftl file, in the accounts module, that contains the standard credit card fields. (565363)
Fix checkOrderIsOnBackOrder to use query (565647)
Service to get various shopping cart data like total, shpping, tax, etc. (565651, 565935)
Fixed issue with setting status to accepted and setting the paymentMethodId in the same call in order return services (565652)
Now adding Refurbished item to replacement order only if its in stock. (565704)
Added view entity for ItemIssuanceAndInventoryItem (565721)
Fix some bad links in paymentinformation.ftl for ecommerce (565839)
Now updateReturnHeader checks if the status change is valid. (565985, 565987, 565988)
Fixes unresolved issue of how to select a facilityId for default purchase order shopping cart. (566369)
Add an additionalShippingChargeDesc field to the Shipment entity to accompany the additionalShippingCharge field. If this field is populated, it will be used for the order adjustment and invoice item descriptions instead of the default description. (566834)

ebay improvements (564966, 566047, 566099)