Friday, June 03, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5075

29 new commits this week. SVN r5075 builds and installs successfully. Significant changes this week:
  1. New feature to manage tax status in different geographic locations, including storing different tax ids and tax exemption status.
  2. New feature to specify multiple partyIds with different roles on orders, such as ship to customer, bill to customer, placing customer, end user customer, and vendor roles as well.
  3. A lot of French localization work was done.

Entity and Seed Data
  • commonCanadian provinces are now PROVINCEs rather than STATEs. Get state worker has been modified to get both STATEs and PROVINCEs, so the functionality doesn't change. (r5049)
  • there is now a new PartyTaxInfo entity which records, for each party, the geographic location (geoId), tax id for this location, and whether the party is exempt. Useful for doing multiple sales tax jurisdictions with separate tax ids and exemption rules. (r5051)
  • the relationship between WfActivity and WfProcess (for workflows in the framework/shark component) is now either "WfProcess" or "SubFlowWfProcess" (r5057)
  • new seed data to test tax exemption: there is now a customer (partyId: DemoCustCompany) which is tax exempt in UT and CA (in ecommerce seed data) (r5060)
Base and Framework
  • MapStack is now implemented with Javolution (r5050)
  • form-widget entity-option now supports temporary MapStack in the context as well as fields from the entity (r5050)
  • added support for alias-view-columns setting in entity engine's datasource when doing ORDER BY (r5056)
  • added code for getBytes to support byte[], ByteWrapper (r5058)
  • formatting changes (r5066)
  • updated to Derby (r5075)
  • Some variable changes (r5048)
  • fixed some French translations (r5062)
  • after creating payment, payment application form shows up (r5065)
  • Only showing tax if it is non-zero (r5063)
  • URLs show only userLoginId, not entire user login info, for security reasons (r5063)
  • sales tax details displayed in order detail page (r5071)
  • InitLowLevelCode screens removed (r5046)
  • initLowLevelCode service no longer has an output and is now designed to be run as a batch job (r5047)
  • quote-to-order internationalization (in French) (r5061)
  • internationalization of catalog and facility facility managers to French (r5069)
  • cache management for ProductConfigWrapper (r5072, r5074)
  • new reports for manufacturing (r5073)
  • New facilities for specifying order roles--lots of new fields for placing, shipping, billing, end user customers and vendors in the storeOrder service (r5053)
  • storeOrder will now check PartyTaxInfo to see where the party is exempt in this geographic location and store the tax id and the exemption amount (r5053)
  • recalcTax code now gets a billToPartyId (r5054)
  • fixed problem with finding wrong party for billing accounts in order entery (r5055)
  • fixed problem in checkout with wrong party in header (r5055)
  • general clean up of HTML and removing of JPublish documents (r5055)
  • error message improvements (r5067)
  • when creating new shopping lists, partyId is gotten from orderPartyId of the cart rather than from UserLogin (r5068)
  • new screens for administering party tax info (r5051)
  • more updates to backend system (r5070)


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