Friday, January 26, 2007

OFBiz Development r500431

Approximately 60 new commits this week. SVN r 500431 builds and installs successfully. Key changes this week:
  1. New Asset Maintenance application in specialpurpose/ folder
  2. Blogging support in ecommerce module
  3. Upgrade to Shark 1.1_2
  4. Continued re-factoring of security permissions
  5. Changed Apache license headers to newer version

  • new FixedAssetMaintOrder entity and related artifacts (r 498576)
  • Fix issue where createPayment service said it uses PAY_INFO_CREATE but was actually looking for PAY_INFO_UPDATE permission (r 500272)
Asset Maintenance
  • New asset maintenance component application in specialpurpose/ folder (r 498956, 498895)
Base and Framework
  • more minilang documentation in xsd (r 498005, 498165, 498826, 499029, 500393)
  • Integration Shark 1.1_2 into OFBIZ (r 498425, 499595, 500328)
  • Added some Enumeration services (r 498540)
  • also refactored permissions for various of the common services to use the new permission-service pattern (r 498540)
  • updated svn:ignore file content (r 498686)
  • implemented base set permission service (r 498789)
  • added some entries for primitive types and a few more of the common java.lang objects to the CachedClassLoader (r 498921)
  • Fix potential NPE with service error generation code (r 500005)
  • New call in ContentServices setContentStatus to checkContentP[ermission based on content role. (r 499124)
  • Changing the direction and definition of the ContentAssocViewTo/From and ContentAssocDataResourceViewTo/From view defs. Basically flip-flopping the definitions of each pair. This is to follow the rule regarding ContentAssoc that contentId and mapKey combine to point *to* the contentIdTo child content. (r 499253)
  • Changes to ContentManagementServices.persistContentAndAssoc to comply with change of subcontent "direction". (r 499256)
  • Moved some documentation that was out of place in BlogServices.xml. (r 499262)
  • Fixing the content name of attachments to emails so that they show up just as the filename (r 499102)
  • Removed code which was truncating file names of email attachments down to the first 17 characters. (r 499122)
Entity Model
  • new FixedAssetMaintOrder entity and related artifacts (r 498576)
  • Changed relationship from FixedAssetMaintenance to OrderHeader from "PurchaseOrderHeader" to just "OrderHeader" (r 498765)
  • Fixed bug where unknown mimetypes were crashing content upload by making relationship from Content and DataResource to MimeType one-nofk. (r 498877, 499107)
Multiple Components
  • Updates to French ui labels (r 498086, 498121, 498265)
  • Changed APACHE2_HEADER file to reflect the new ASF policy of no copyright notices in the headers (r 498244, 499486, 499759, 499939, 499125)
  • Added support for orderByFields in the context for the categorydetail page, for sorting the products in the category (r 497952)
  • Fix bug where receiving returned serialized items puts them in AVAILABLE status when they should be in RETURNED status (r 498035)
  • Creating a purchase order allows shipping information step to be skipped (r 498094)
  • Added enhancement to the getPreviousNextProducts to support an orderByFields list, optionally in the context as well (r 498945)
  • Moving the submit button to top right of order agreements screen in ordermgr checkout, following the pattern of the preceeding and following checkout screens. (r 499920)
  • Fix bug with receive offline payments screen in ordermgr which was not filling in partyId of customer or the currency of payment. (r 500280)
  • Approved product requirements by vendor screen which counts the number of products approved for each supplier (r 500287, 500365)
  • extra email purposes for billing and payment emails to send/receive invoices per email (r 498252, 498287)
  • Added sum view-entity for communications so we can count them by status and partyIdTo. Small change to order the communication event list by newest first. (r 499194)
  • Changes to the product features screens: categoryName has priority over description, and changed bulk add features screen to default to check all row submit boxes (r 498247, 498248)
  • Fixed problem when searching by ProductCategoryAndMember to use findByAndCache instead of getRelatedCache (r 498504)
  • Added ProductAndCategoryMember entity for general use; used now in the getProductCategoryAndLimitedMembers service when ordering by fields on the Product entity (r 498508)
  • implementation of the upsRateInquireByPostalCode service (r 498935, 498937)
  • Fix bugs with dhl shipIT which does not support ZIP+4 (r 499161)
  • Refactored ProductContent screens to not use relative form refs, for easy derived apps (r 499309)
  • add country code to UPS services (r 499957, 500144)
Web Tools
  • added view to show loaded components (r 499098)
Work Effort
  • Re-factored workeffort permissions (r 498790)
  • workeffort deep copy feature (r 498882)
  • Fix bug where if customer requests return, we can't receive it because the return form doesn't fill in the productId. (r 499533)
  • New blog example in ecommerce (r 499264)
  • updated demo data with supplier order preferences for products. this will allow you to see MRP features more easily (r 499885, 500427, 500431)
opentaps Financials
  • Cleaned up separate roles permissions to allow for AR, AP, Transactions specialists with separate screens
  • Improved useability of payments lookups and screens
  • Comparative income statements and balance sheet reports
opentaps CRM
  • Outbound email processing listener improved
  • Viewing of emails fixed up
  • Fixed problems with teams and with team contacts