Friday, February 09, 2007

OFBIZ Development r505358

40 new commits this week. OFBIZ SVN r 505358 builds and installs successfully. Significant changes include:
  1. Support for FedEx shipping using the FedEx Ship Manager Direct web API.
  2. opentaps CRM now has a functional HTML email client and can process inbound and outbound emails, including associating them with customer service Cases.
  3. New invoice screens in opentaps Financials, and new support for accounting of third-party and virtual inventory.

  • add feature to create product maint plan based on template workeffort (r 503298, 503516)
  • capitalizing the ui label for Invoice ID (r 504346)
  • Added new screens and services to manage the AgreementGeoApplicability entity. (r 504496)
  • Allow the createPaymentApplication service to accept overrideGlAccountId as an optional parameter (r 504637)
  • new gl account for paypal receivables (r 504769)
Asset Maintenance
  • Added missing setSessionLocale request mapping to assetmaint component (r 503651)
  • Tab bar is now shown when New FixedAssetMaint is created in Asset Maint component and also when TimeEntry is deleted. The patch also includes a minor lookup form change. (r 505233)
Base and Framework
  • Made a simple fix in ModelService evalPermission. (r 504815)
  • Put a test for null result map in ServiceMultiEventHandler like that in ServiceEventHandler. (r 504816)
  • Changed a number of places to use File.toURI().toURL() instead of just File.toURL(); (r 505358)
  • A bunch of fixes to get the Content admin to upload and display the images under the "DataResource" tab. (r 505079)
  • Misc improvements to the Italian labels for manufacturing operations. (r 503605)
  • pagination of order list page in order manager (r 503391, 503427, 503519)
  • fix bug in order entry payments screen to support the Safari browser (r 504389)
  • Fixed a bug in order manager's quick finalize order which was causing shipping costs to be left off the order. (r 504458)
  • Fixed a couple of references to PartyGroup.description which isn't a valid field of PartyGroup (r 504475)
  • add a view to list all subscriptions for a communication event (r 503576)
  • Fix a bug with sequence of inventory item reservations for orders: FIFO and LIFO were reversed (r 502824)
  • Category -> Products tab show small image for each product in catalog manager (r 503925, 503943)
  • Allow change of InventoryItem owner party when receiving or updating inventory (r 504233)
  • Added new ProductCategoryLink entity and supporting seed data (r 504333)
  • Added new services and screens to manage the QuantityBreak entity. (r 504515)
  • All commits related to adding a special permission requirement for Categories that are of the prodCatalogCategoryTypeId = PCCT_VIEW_ALLW and PCCT_PURCH_ALLW. Two fields, viewAllowPermReqd and purchaseAllowPermReqd were added to ProdCatalog entity and corresponding changes to the admin form. The "permission-service" approach to security was used for several services in CategoryServices.xml - addProductToCategory, updateProductToCategory, removeProductToCategory and addProductToCategories. A permission service, checkCategoryRelatedPermissionService, was added to CategoryServices.xml and the internal calls to the checkCategoryRelatedPermission method were taken out of those services. (r 504818)
  • Support for FedEx subscription and ship requests via FedEx Ship Manager Direct API (r 504996, 504997, 504998, 505094)
  • When applying features to products, the dropdowns now default to Selectable if the product is virtual otherwise they default to Standard (r 505225)
  • Reverted prepending of feature idcodes with "-" (r 495891) (r 505229)
  • Formatting fixes (r 505230)
  • Removed a redundant request map from the ecommerce controller, the event method doesn't exist and the request isn't called anywhere. (r 505202)
  • Fixed issue where the categoryName was not being used in mini last product searches, last viewed categories, and breadcrumbs (r 505134, 505350)