Friday, February 02, 2007

OFBiz Development r502669

52 new commits this week. SVN r 502669 builds and installs successfully. Significant changes this week include:
  1. Significant improvements to the order entry flow in ordermgr
  2. General cleanup and bug fixes
  3. Scott Gray, aka "lektran," is now an Apache OFBIZ committer.
  • Wrong service invocation when removing Agreement Item Term (r 500947)
  • Commented out code which auto-filled in PaymentApplication.billingAccountId from Invoice.billingAccountId, which will cause problems when there are multiple payment methods (r 502651)
Asset Maintenance
  • fixes Asset Maintenance entity warnings on startup (r 500933)
  • Fixed bad links (r 500965)
  • fixed some td heights in assetmaint's appbar (r 502525)
Base and Framework
  • remove unnecessary font property assignments in maincss.css (r 500512, 500646)
  • minilang annotations (r 500683, 500807, 501760)
  • Some cleanups in DatabaseUtil, especially to show stack traces to make it easier to track down problems, like the autoconnect setting problem which is a no-no when there is a transaction in place, should now work properly (r 501220)
  • Added require-new-transaction and transaction-timeout to minilang call-service operation (r 501646)
  • Fixed email worker to set content name to subject + number when there is no file name (r 500985, 501710)
  • Fixed bad formatting (r 501711, 501715)
Entity Model
  • add template workEffortId to the ProductMaint entity (r 501963)
Multiple Components
  • Chinese UI translations (r 502130)
  • Fixed cases of using hardwired /images instead of <@ofbizContentUrl> in .ftl files (r 502282)
  • The productId will no longer automatically show up again on order mgr order entry form after adding a product to cart. (r 500469)
  • Improved the approved requirements form in order requirements to show additional information, including supplier, inventory, and sales information. (r 501216, 501218, 501633, 501644, 501970, 502040)
  • Fix bug in displaying order items when using old style calcTax service (r 501521)
  • replace harcoded UI labels in Order and Requirement Screens (r 501789)
  • Show the receive payment and cancel links in the order header for EXT_COD orders (r 502327)
  • Hide the create customer link in the order shortcuts if there are no items in the cart (r 502329)
  • Change 'Create New' label in shipment settings checkout screen to 'Create New Shipping Address' (r 502330)
  • Workflow improvements in ordermgr checkout: - Directing successful create-customer requests to the EditShipAddress screen, via the new checkout parameter 'finalizeReqNewShipAddress' - Adding COD as a payment option in the non-quick checkout flows and fixed offline payments. - Fixed bug which occurs after creating a new credit card. - Errors during payment creations now get redirected back to payments page instead of to beginning of checkout process. (r 502340)
  • COD option should be hidden when the 'create new' link is clicked in the payment screen (same as offline option) (r 502371)
  • In ordermgr checkout, directing errors from createPostalAddress back to EditShipAddress instead of shipsetting, so that the error message makes sense and refers to what's on the screen. Also repopulating address fields with parameters in case of error. (r 502669)
  • Party classifications parties are now clickable and show names (r 501562)
  • Viewing Party Communication Event bug fix (r 502553)
  • Fix ZIP code and weight conversion for USPS Rate Estimate (r 500523)
  • Removed scheduled service call to updateShipmentFromStaging which no longer exists (r 500764)
  • fixes layout problem which was causing elements to overlap on the Quick Add Product Variants screen in catalog manager (r 500936, 500941)
  • Shorten the minimum order quantity field name. It's too long for most forms. (r 501968)
  • Changed the checking of conditions for a virtual product if the main product is a variant to be done when it is a category condition, and added a note to continue not doing it for feature conditions (r 501542)
  • add template workEffortId to the ProductMaint entity (r 501963)
Seed Data
  • add mapping from sales invoice to service product item (r 500751)
  • Fixed demo shipping data problem where multiple ShippingCostEstimates are sharing a single QuantityBreak, which prevents the ShippingCostEstimates from being deleted via the UI (r 500942)
Web Tools
  • Fix check database pages in webtools (r 501221, 501225)
  • Added formlet to remove a single table for an entity (r 501304)
  • shipping estimates will show "calculated offline" instead of (1.00) when shipping estimates are not available (r 500739)
  • Fix potential hacking of ecommerce by plugging in a different orderId (r 501733)
opentaps Financials
  • Enhanced payment view and entry screens which uses the payment methods on file for a customer
  • Support for Payment.overrideGlAccountId in payment posting services
  • inventory importing has been moved to data import module
opentaps CRMSFA
  • Activity entry now allows specifying date range of start date and duration
  • Activities search now allows specifying date/time as a dropdown
  • OFBIZ customers (BILL_TO_CUSTOMER) are now automatically enabled as CRMSFA contacts
  • SALES_REP is automatically created and associated with order entry user
  • Remove content feature to remove association of files/bookmarks with activities/cases/opportunities or accounts/leads/contacts.