Monday, February 19, 2007

OFBIZ Development r509270

108 new commits since last Friday. Significant changes include:
  1. Continued work on new service permissions
  2. New content and data resource related permissions
  3. RSS feed for blogs in ecommerce module
  4. Improvements to order entry and order packing, including new order terms and shipping charges

Asset Maintenance
  • Cleans up assetmaint's controller file by increasing use of the include element and removing the redundant entries. (r 505862)
Base and Framework
  • If the include-user-login attribute for the minilang service call methods is not set or it is true, the user login is put in the context but only if in the context there is not already a user login. (r 505482)
  • changed the max in site-conf.xsd to unbounded for the include element so represent how it is actually implemented (r 505674)
  • Now the HtmlFormWrapper object can be created using the old relative paths to the form def file or the new component:// sintax. (r 505882)
  • Converted pt and px to em and color names to hex values in maincss.css (r 505905, 506081)
  • updated common permision service to allow calling methods to set the mainAction (r 506211)
  • Updated fop jars 0.93 and xmlgraphics to 1.1 (r 506261, 506263)
  • Added jdom 1.0 and rome 0.9 libraries (r 507362)
  • event handlers can now get access to the request handler from the servlet context (r 507363)
  • implemented RomeEventHandler; calls a service (should implement the rssFeedInterface which returns a WireFeed object) to generate a RSS feed; returns the feed to the browser (r 507364)
  • Added missing commit to fix image uploading problem. (r 507432)
  • Updated xsd schemas (r 507545)
  • implemented if-service-permission tag for screen widget (r 507546)
  • minor cleanups to (r 507547)
  • can now use primary and alternate permission as a service call; enabled required parameters to be passed in through the definition as well as inline minilang (r 507548)
  • implemented if-service-permission for Menu Widgets (r 507654, 507565)
  • Added entity labels for simplified chinese. (r 507568)
  • Small improvements to the permission-service code to show service name in exception messages, and to throw a descriptive exception instead of an NPE with no hasPermission field is returned from a permission-service (r 507808)
  • added special context-map in screen widget to allow pre-filling fields in actions to pass to the security serivice; using this will help prevent overriding fields when not intending to (r 508090)
  • Service ECA actions can now specify to run in a new transaction (r 508207)
  • eca set operation now uses the flexible string expander to access additional data from the context (r 508236)
  • fixed big bug in using default-value with override parameters; effected groups and implemented services w/ overrides (r 508566)
  • Changed footers for new ofbiz url (r 508871)
  • Small change to an error message to show the name of the permission-service (r 508884)
  • implemented default request for web applications; setting a default-request will forward all requests which do not have a valid mapping to this specific request. Here you can process additional information, forward to a landing page, etc (r 5090668)
  • Added _REQUEST_HANDLER_ to request attribute, in addition to its place in the ServletContext (r 509127)
  • Added some styles for the new ProductCategoryLink screen (r 509165)
  • parametrized the javascripts files imported in the global header templates. (r 509270)
  • Implemented initial pass of content permission services (r 506196)
  • implemented VIEW permission; added logic to support calling specialized methods alone as services (calls main permission checking now as well) (r 506212)
  • Add CommunicationEvent.fromString, toString, ccString, bccString, headerString Adding these four fields and logic to populate them from email headers in storeIncomingEmail service (r 506544, 507650)
  • Fixing location in removeCommEventContentAssoc service definition (r 507290)
  • added ownerContentId to missing content service definition (r 507300)
  • updated content permission services; add more documentation; fixed variables so they do not conflict (r 507591)
  • implemeted createContent, updateContent (updated) deleteContent CRUD services in simple method format; will be replacing the java methods soon (r 507619)
  • added new content security data (r 507981)
  • major revision of content permission services (r 508571)
  • updated display of content assoc; now shows map key field (r 508572)
  • added DataResource permissions (r 508967)
  • formatting changes to content permission services (r 508990)
Entity Model
  • Implemented new entity for PartyInvitation (r 506197, 506293, 507099)
  • replace the deprecated list-iterator-name with list-name. (r 505889)
Multiple Components
  • replaced all relative path form resource names with their component:// equivalent when an HtmlFormWrapper object is created. (r 505886)
  • Fixed instances of hardwired /images instead of ofbizContentUrl in FTL files (r 507435)
  • ASL2 header cleanup (r 508913)
  • Changed requestParameters to parameters in a bunch of places, as that is the one that should nearly always be usedfor consistency, and to support the request to session etc defaulting pattern; also removed a number of statements to manually create the Map instead of using the one always created by the Screen Widget (r 506575)
  • Fix pagination bug with order manager orderlist (r 507490)
  • no longer set quantity for adding items to order based on last item added in ordermgr order entry, which was a bit confusing (r 508144)
  • Fixed an order manager order entry so that now if you don't enter product id during order entry, it'll return an error message (r 508223)
  • Adding missing addCategoryDefaults request-map to ordermgr controller (r 508448)
  • Implemented new ORDER_HOLD status, so approved orders can be put on hold, and held orders can be moved back to approved or canceled. Put a button for it on order view page. (r 508470, 508473)
  • Moved the create as new order button on the orderview page next to the edit items button, instead of way down at the bottom below the order notes (r 508576)
  • Added description field to AgreementTerm so that the terms can have text as well as numeric values. Added some demo seed data and code to push agreement terms to order terms to invoice terms. (r 508580)
  • Fixed bug with refunds for offline payments (r 508633)
  • Fixed a few problems with the findParty service and it's screen (r 505761)
Point Of Sales
  • Replace a "==" by an equals. (r 507237)
  • Removed CATALOG_VIEW_ALLOW and CATALOG_PURCHASE_ALLOW permissions from the CATALOGADMIN_LTD security group (r 505445)
  • Moved the initialization of the two physical inventory variances forms in the Edit inventory item screen from bsh/ftl to the screen def. (r 505649, 505715)
  • Changed USPS rate estimate service to use the set in rather than always WT_oz (r 506763)
  • Made a change to a CategoryWorker so that if a pcategory is passed in but not in the list it will start over with TOP plus that category in the list for the category trail (used in the sidedeepcategory, etc); this makes it possible to have links that open 2 levels deep instead of just the top level (r 506799, 506910)
  • Implemented new category permission services using the permission-service wrapper (r 507431)
  • Small fix to add categoryName edit box on category content screen (r 507437)
  • Include a way to specify the bill to party for Approved Product Requirements by Vendor form (r 507694)
  • Added call to checkCategoryRelatedPermissionService to safeAddProductToCategory service (r 507713)
  • Fixed bug introduced by new picklist reports. The picklist will now work on items which do not have explicitly defined locations in the warehouse. (r 507758)
  • reverting back to the older version of the facility inventory screen so that it will work correctly when there are no inventory items yet for products which have product facility minimum stock settings (r 507773)
  • Some fixed for the view and purchase allow category product add permission code; major cleanup, changed name to better represent and distinguish what it does; also changed OOTB security group setup to better represent how this is intended to be used; now appears to work properly (r 507809, 507810)
  • Changed USPS rate estimate service to use RateV2Request which is now required, at least on the website. (r 508287)
  • Replaced CatalogWorker by CategoryWorker where needed (r 508363)
  • Put field for additional shipping charge in PackOrder screen which would pass it to createShipment and record it as Shipment.additionalShippingCharge (r 508458, 508531)
  • Default ship group seq to 00001 on the pack order screen (r 508554)
  • For USPS Parcel Post rate estimates, the minimum weight must be 1 lb (r 508708)
  • Modified subscription generating services to set the orderItemSeqId field in the Subscription entity. (r 508722)
  • Not quite finished product export utility. Available off the keyword search page of the catalog manager (r 508723)
  • Formatting fixes to catalog manager find screens (r 508726)
  • Improvements in catalog/store french labels. (r 508797)
  • Some visual cleanups and an enhancement to see more details related to the inventory item (r 508869)
  • Added custom feature export piece. (r 508870)
  • Fixed bug with safe add product to category service (r 508885)
  • Fixed problem with categories that only have a name, and changed it to use the CategoryContentWrapper instead of getting the fields directly from the entity (r 509142)
  • A few misc cleanups for layout, etc; made ProductSearchSession URL parameters more flexible and added a method to turn search constraints and sort order into a parameter string, which is now used in the catalog manager search results page to make it easy to reproduce the search constraints (r 509164)
  • Added ProductCategoryLink screenlet, included from the categorydetail screen (r 509167)
Seed Data
  • Changing the service code for USPS Standard to Parcel from Priority, as Priority service only works with their web API for certain container types (r 508288)
Web Tools
  • Fix up error messages in the webtools component (r 506219)
  • New features to run services synchronously in webtools (r 507567)
  • Layout improvements to the Webtools main page from Adrian Crum (r 507858)
  • Changed requestParameters to parameters in a bunch of places, as that is the one that should nearly always be usedfor consistency, and to support the request to session etc defaulting pattern; also removed a number of statements to manually create the Map instead of using the one always created by the Screen Widget (r 506575)
  • Clean up ecommerce blog features (r 507302)
  • first pass of RSS feeds for blogs (r 507365, 507366)
  • Fixed a bug where After choosing Sidedeepcategory and then getting loged in it shows the error like - "Product Category Not Found for this Id" (r 507698, 507737, 508502)