Friday, August 24, 2007

OFBIZ r 569467

make the fixed asset calendar also usable for one2one rental product (567065)
Implemented util methods to get the total shippable quantitiy from all the ship groups of an order. (567087)
Made Product.internalName field longer (567263)
fix wrong billfromvendor for po created from quotes (567368)
Edit facility roles screen migrated from ftl/bsh to widgets. (567371)
Removed default action of sending the user an email every time updatePerson (567372)
Added service to get the cart-based index of the first cart item for a particular productId (567507, 567508)
Fixed transaction bug in FinAccount processing that caused a deadlock (567521)
Changed getProductPromoUseTotalDiscount to consider all promos (567522)
Added method to get total for all promotions in cart (567525)
fixing the updating of the FinAccount balances after a replenishment (567568)
Compute and return shipping estimate even if there is not shippingContactMechId. (568175)
Changed ShipmentReceipt processing code to properly update ReturnItem status and receivedQuantity values (568213)
added reason code to communication event (568379, 568743)
Added reason code to fin account transactions and services (568746, 568747)
When receiving serialized items, quantity accepted is always 1 if a serial number is passed in (568816)
now copies subscription resource data to the subscription entity when created (569120)
save the replacementOrderId on ReturnItemResponse, and attach to relevant ReturnItems (569386)