Friday, June 10, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5121

44 new commits this week. r5121 builds and installs successfully.

Significant Changes
  1. Full implementation of gift certificates.
  2. Complete migration of facility to screen widget from JPublish.
  3. New payment types--please use the appropriate payment type in the future, rather than just DISBURSEMENT and RECEIPT, in your apps.
Thanks to our Contributors
This week's contributors include Jacques Le Roux, Jean-Luc Malet, as well as the usual suspects David, Andy, Hans, Jacopo, and myself.

Entity and Seed Data
  • New payment method type (Company Check) (r5097)
  • Payment types have been separated from just RECEIPT and DISBURSEMENT to various customer and vendor payment and refund types (r5097). Also a new non-GL posting payment type (r5101) (we'll see if this stays around...)
  • PaymentMethod now has a GL account field, associating checking accounts, etc. with specific GL accounts (r5098)
  • New PaymentGlAccountTypeMap entity to map GL accounts associated with PaymentTypes (r5099). You can now set up as many different payment types as you need and associate them with GL accounts.
  • New ProductAverageCost entity (r5103, 5109)
  • New AcctgTransEntryProdSums view-entity for aggregating accounting transaction entries (this is an example of how to do SELECT SUM(..) GROUP BY ...; queries with the entity engine) (r5107)
  • New GiftCardFulfillment entity. ValuleLinkFulfillment is still around but is now OldValueLinkFulfillment. (r5118)
  • New ownerPartyId in Facility which identifies the owner of the inventory in a facility (r5119)
Base and Framework
  • http parameters with multiple ~..= are now treated as normal in UtilHttp.getParameterMap (r5078)
  • appbar labels internationalized (r5081)
  • populating screen context now done in ScreenRenderer (code moved out of ScreenWidgetViewHandler) (r5088)
  • common ui labels now in French as well (r5112)
  • common header now supports additional stylesheets (r5113)
  • new UtilValidate.isGiftCard method to validate gift card numbers (r5116)
  • Fixed wrong label for payment method type in payment screen (r5096)
  • PaymentGatewayServices now use CUSTOMER_PAYMENT and _REFUND payment types (r5114)
  • Full implementation of gift certificates usinf FinAccounts. Services to create, add funds, check balances make purchases with, and redeem gift certificates. Uses ValueLink. (r5118)
Accounting/GL Implementation
  • Product average cost tracking
  • Posting of Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) entries on sales invoices, currently using average cost method.
  • new service sendMailFromScreen takes an URI and sends the screen from that URI as an email (r5089)
  • Fixed use of stripViewParamsFromQueryString (r5080)
  • order review pages and template for order notification email cleaned up. Will use sendMailFromScreen to do order notice emails (r5095)
  • main.ftl simplified thanks to screen-widget (r5105)
  • bug fix in gift card reload email template (r5117)
  • New helper methods for linked production runs (r5100)
  • removed files no longer needed by screen widget, like envsetup jsp and bsh (r5076) and includes/ sub-directory in WEB-INF/actions/ (r5077)
  • i18n of order entry pages (r5093)
  • new screen to look up purchase order header (r5094)
  • changed payment type RECEIPT to CUSTOMER_PAYMENT. For now, returning items for store credit now is a non-posting payment (r5102)
  • search for requests page improved (r5104)
  • categorydetail.bsh simplified (r5106)
  • new feature to generate PDF of orders. See an example of a sales order and a purchase order PDF. (r5115)
  • French UI labels (r5121)


  • a product can only be a variant of one product. Existing STANDARD_FEATUREs and PRODUCT_VARIANT associations are removed (r5079)
  • French UI labels (r5082), (r5087)
  • migrated to screen-widget: edit facility pages (r5084), inventory and return pages (r5085, r5086), facility group (r5090), shipment pages (r5091), completing migration of facility manager to screen-widget (r5092)
  • receive inventory has lookup PO header button (r5094)
  • screens in facility manager for owner party id of a Facility (5119)
  • now possible to operate multiple stores and hotels on same OFBiz system (r5120)


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