Friday, October 07, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5924

57 new commits this week. SVN 5924 builds and installs successfully. (There is a minor warning about a field "templatePath" which is no longer in ProductStoreEmailSettings, but that has been subsequently fixed.)

Significant changes this week
  1. Customer Requests' "requester" partyId is now moved from CustRequestRole to CustRequest.fromPartyId, and the view and list screens have been changed.
  2. Inventory items now have a unitPrice which is from the purchase order's unitPrice.
  3. Fixed all email notification templates to use the new screen-widget.
  4. New "pack orders" screen in facility manager and packing slip PDF.
  5. Lots of cleanups: migration to new simple-method "set" operation from field-to-field, and a comprehensive change of FTL files to remove a redundant "/" after <@ofbizUrl> tag.
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Ashish Hareet, Al Byers, Jacopo, David, Andy, and myself.

Entity Model Changes
  • PartyTaxAuthInfo entity XML moved from party to accounting (r 5872)
  • PartyTaxAuthInfo now has a new isNexus field to determine which tax authorities to consider based on ProductStore.payToPartyId (r 5872)
  • SimpleSalesTaxLookup has a "titleTransferEnumId" to indicate the title transfer to be used (r 5872)
  • CustRequestAndRoles has a fromPartyId from CustRequest to record whom the request came from. It is no longer stored in CustRequestRole (r 5888)
  • New CustRequest.productStoreId to support cart to request to quote process (r 5889)
  • ODBC packages now have shipmentId as primary key again (r 5921)

Seed Data Changes

  • Points of Title Transfer, including INCOTERM, added (r 5872)

Base and Framework
  • Fixed missing close span tag for date range find field in form widget (r 5878)
  • If form's field info is missing, the form widget will now throw an exception (r 5882)
  • Most single-forms with a default-map will now automatically fill in default values from the parameters Map if the default-map is null, no value is found in the root of the form's context, and useRequestParameter attribute is not false (r 5908)
  • Fixed problems where default-value for field types were ignored (r 5909)
  • Fixed fiedlookup popup javascript when the calling form has multiple lookup fields (r 5914)
  • Fixed incorrect error message for form-widget fields when the max length could not be parsed (r 5915)
  • Enabled scrollbars and resizable for field lookup when the popu javascript is too big (r 5918)
General Changes (Applicable to Multiple Applications)
  • Removed all redundant "/" after the <@ofbizUrl> directive (yes, this changed a lot of files) (r 5877)
  • simple-method clean up from field-to-field to set (r 5896, r 5897, 5899, 5900, 5901, 5902, 5903)
  • Fixed all email notification templates to screen-widget with i18n (r 5906)
  • Removed unnecessary default-value="equals" in tags (r 5911, 5912, 5913)
  • Added "noConditionFind" hidden fields to forms so that a find all is done when no query parameters are entered (r 5917)
  • Moved redundant UI labels from accounting to common (r 5881)
  • Minor improvement to the "tell-a-friend" email (r 5907)
  • PDF now pops up in new windows (r 5871)
  • Added tag around calculating return price delta, which is used to determine whether return price is within rounding error of allowable return price (r 5884)
  • Fixes bug where view quote info was checking for the wrong null value (currency instead of store) (r 5885)
  • New "select all" checkbox to pre-select all quote items in multi form (r 5886)
  • createCustRequest and updateCustRequest services no longer reference the "interfaceCustRequest" (r5887)
  • Implemented new "createQuoteFromCustRequest" service to create new quote from an existing request (r 5890)
  • Updated CustRequestServices, so that CustRequest.fromPartyId is used to store the requestor's partyId (instead of in CustRequestRole) and productStoreId is updated with the cart or shopping list's store information (r 5892)
  • Find and list customer requests now uses the CustRequest.fromPartyId instead of CustRequestAndRole (r 5893)
  • New "view request" and "list request" report and screens (r 5894, r 5895)
  • Logic for finding latest UserLogin and Locale moved to PartyWorker.findPartyLatestUserLogin (r 5905)
  • ECA to call "balanceInventoryItems" when "createPhysicalInventoryAndVariance" is called (r 5868)
  • Fixed bug when looping though the picklist view where it was adding the same field to the orderBy list each time (r 5869)
  • Fixed errors when viewing picklists which no longer had inventory reservations - ie, previous picklists (r 5870)
  • Fixed missing primary keys of ODBC (WorldShip) entities (r 5873)
  • Unit cost tracking in inventory screens of catalog and facility manager. A unit cost for the product is stored in inventoryItem.unitCost and is calculated from the purchase order's order item unitPrice field (r 5904)
  • Pack order screens in facility manager now shows more shipping information (r 5916)
  • Packing slip PDF in the facility manager, when packing order (r 5919)
  • Fixed bug with filling out staging data (r 5922)
  • Fixed bad error message when completing a shipment packing (r 5923)
  • Adding checking of virtual product Id for null value when looking up survey applications for a product (r 5924)
Work Effort
  • workeffort webapp now completely modernized from old JPublish and even JSP to new screen widget templates (r 5874, 5875, 5876)
  • replaced old task and activity pages to use the new edit work effort pages (r 5874)
  • fixed issues with highlighting and login menus (r 5879)
  • small enhancement to edit work effort form (r 5880)
  • form and lookup improvements (r 5883)
  • calendar improvements (r 5910)
  • work effort order header screen clean ups (r 5920)