Friday, October 14, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5962

38 new commits this week. SVN 5962 builds and installs successfully. (There are some JasperReports warnings, but these should not affect the main functionality of the system.)

Significant changes this week
  1. Enhancements to the WorkEffort application are mostly complete.
  2. ant 1.6.5 is now incorporated into OFBiz.
  3. The order type "WORK_ORDER" has been removed to avoid confusion.
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Ray Barlow, Geraud, Jacopo, David, Andy, and myself.

Entity Model Changes
  • Added new field type "currency-precise" which is three decimal places. OrderAdjustment.amount and ProductPrice.price are now of this type. (r 5929)

Seed Data Changes

  • Removed WORK_ORDER order type (r 5946)

Base and Framework
  • Better error message if there is no model entity when trying to do a findByAnd (r 5931)
  • New common Geo lookup screens (r 5932)
  • Removed number formatting from GenericEntity (r 5940)
  • Screen widget now supports a "TRANSACTION_TIMEOUT" parameter to set the transaction timeout of a screen. It can be set in the http request or in web.xml (r 5941)
  • ant 1.6.5 is now included in OFBiz, with scripts "ant" and "ant.bat" which will launch ant through OFBiz (r 5952)
General Changes (Applicable to Multiple Applications)
  • Replaced " " in forms with plain space in many forms (r 5936)
Accounting/GL Implementation
  • New accounting admin screens.
  • Clean up of references to "templatePath", which no longer exists (r 5926)
  • New link to create quote directly from a cart or shopping list (r 5927)
  • Order checkout page now highlights the fact that phone number is required (r 5949)
  • Fixed broken sequence for checking out without a login. A missing "addparty" request now goes directly to final checkout review (r 5950)
  • Major cleanup of the "Segment Group" tab in the marketing application (r 5934)
  • Quote services' permissions have been refactored to allow them to be used in ecommerce as well (r 5927)
  • Order list now defaults to showing orders in the created, processing, and approved states first (r 5930)
  • When editinig order items, the prices are now formatted and parsed according to locale (r 5937, 5938)
  • More imporvements to the request/quote functionality (r 5943)
  • Order reports can now be done by order type (purchase vs. sales) (r 5944)
  • Removed support for the WORK_ORDER order type (r 5946)
  • Fixed broken "Find Returns" javascript, which did not work in Internet Explorer (r 5951)
  • Fixed missing "Add Promo Code" link in order entry process (r 5954)
  • Fixed problem with some PDF pages when there is an "&" in the text by adding an ?xml (r 5955)
  • New forms to lookup party classification group, contact list, and segment group (r 5933)
  • Fixed problem with receiving inventory against a productId (r 5928)
  • General clean up of catalog manager screens (r 5935)
  • In facility manager, edit facility location screen now no longer crashes if the internalName is missing (r 5945)
  • In catalog manager, looking up products by ID no longer crashes if the internalName is missing (r 5953)
Work Effort
  • Small cleanups of work effort forms (r 5925)
  • Enhancements to the WorkEffort Party, CommEvent, Requirement, Shopping List sub screens (r 5939)
  • Enhancements to the WorkEffort Request and Quote pages (r 5947)
  • Fixed missing UI labels. (r 5948)
  • More informative work effort summary screen (r 5957, 5958)
  • Fixed bad ContextFilter class name in wholesale webapp, so Tomcat now recognizes the wholesale app (r 5956)