Friday, November 04, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r6070

40 new commits this week. SVN 6070 builds and installs successfully.

Significant changes this week
  1. Order manager now has the "quickcheckout" screen as well. You can now select all order options on one screen and create the order.
  2. New reports to show sales by store, purchases by organization, and inventory by company, by facility, and by supplier.
  3. pos-containers is changed so that it starts on port 9994, allowing you to run POS and the server at the same time.
  4. startofbiz.bat now pipes output to a logs\console.log file as well, for all our Windows users.
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Ray Barlow, Roma Ferre Ananos, David, Leon, and myself.

Base and Framework
  • startofbiz.bat now pipes output to logs\console.log (r 6041)
  • pos-containers' beanshell ports are now set to 9993 and 9994, so the POS and server can be run at the same time. (r 6041)
  • Fixed bug with EntityFinderUtil where a call to getPartialList started with 1 instead of 0. (r 6047)
  • Fixed bad ui label on common login screen for "Registered" (r 6058)
Seed Data
  • Fixed some ecommerce checkout screens to get party from cart rather than from the user login, so as to make them compatible with order manager as well. (r 6052)
  • Fixed [Set Default] button in customer's viewprofile page. (r 6061)
  • Fixed bad link for "Segments" tab in Marketing application. (r 6043)
  • Fixed validation warning from entity-and operator in Segment Group Class List screen. (r 6044)
  • Displays product feature type descriptions instead of just featureTypeIds on product detail pages of order entry. (r 6033)
  • Request items screen pagination set to 50 instead of 2. (r 6037)
  • Removed duplicate set in the product duplication service. (r 6038)
  • Fixed bug where the cart was not being cleared from session when the order has been transformed into a request or quote. The "destroyCart" URL parameter should be set to "Y" but was not being read from parameter (was being read from request attribute instead.) (r 6040)
  • Link from order header to show packing slip for shipments, right next to the shipment link. (r 6046)
  • Created new service to get ATP and QOh quantities for a list of OrderItems. This is used in order manager's order entry and order view screens to show inventory holdings. (r 6049)
  • Defined a main decorator location for order manager, so we can reuse screens from ecommerce in order manager by referring to a parametrized decorator. (r 6050)
  • Check that the country code is actually there in orderheader, to avoid possible crashes. (r 6053)
  • Modified checkoutoptions page to put the cart's orderPartyId as a parameter and also removed duplicate DONE_PAGE hidden parameters. All part of effor to get quickcheckout to work in order manager. (r 6054)
  • Changed some order manager checkout controller names to avoid conflicts with quickcheckout. (r 6056)
  • Quick lookup for products during order entry: enter a partial productId, and it will do a case-insensitive lookup for all products which start with this productId. (r 6060)
  • New feature which automatically creates a shipment of all purchase order items and then takes the user directly to receive the items in the facility manager. New link in order manager's order view page to "quick receive purchase order" into only warehouses which are owned by the bill-to party of purchase order. Involved a re-factoring and re-use of quickShipEntireOrder. (r 6066, 6070)
  • Added back missing DONE_PAGE to edit contact mech page's update postal address section, so it could work correctly with order manager. (r 6055)
  • Fixes a problem with duplicating products. (r 6034)
  • Facility manager's "View Inventory Availability By Product" now has a drop down option for supplier as well. (r 6035)
  • Fixed pagination bug in request items page. (r 6036)
  • Added price range lookup to the field lookup form. (r 6039)
  • XSL:FO templates for picklist and packing slip now use the FTL ?xml to handle internal names with XML characters. (r 6045)
  • Added lookup by brandName to product lookup screens. Also, when a variant item is found, there is now a link to show all the variants. This screen is used in many places including the order manager. (r 6059)
  • New lookup screen for ProductCategory, plus clean up for controller. (r 6062)