Friday, October 21, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r6002

42 new commits this week. SVN r 6002 builds and installs successfully.

Significant changes this week
  1. New time sheet functionality, including generating an invoice from a time sheet, in the work effort application.
  2. New function in manufacturing to estimate time of tasks based on plug-in formulae.
  3. Separate seed data file for passwords to prevent passwords from being reset when loading in new data.
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Hans Bakker, Peter Goron, Yannick Thebault, Jacopo, David, Andy, and myself.

Entity Model Changes
  • TimeEntry entity has invoiceId and invoiceItemSeqId to link back to an Invoice (r 5970)
  • TimeEntryBilling has been eliminated as an entity (r 5970)
  • WorkEffortPartyAssignView's relationship to Expectation Enumeration is now one-nofk (r 5979)
  • New entities CustomMethod and CustomMethodType for supporting flexible custom plug-in services (r 5995)
  • WorkEffort has new "estimateCalcMethod" field to specify how work effort time estimates should be calculated (r 6000)
Seed Data Changes
  • New RoleType of "LEAD" (r 5972)
  • WorkEffortData.xml file of seed data was moved from manufacturing to work effort (r 5975)
  • New BIZADMIN permission and bizadmin user for administering business applications but not technical ones (r 5989)
  • New PasswordSecurityData.xml where all the passwords are. By removing this file from ofbiz-component.xml, you can prevent the system from loading passwords with other seed data (r 5989)
Base and Framework
  • Fixed JaserReports build warnings (r 5966)
  • Fixed problem with "use-when" in list forms (r 5990)
  • Clean up of entity sync forms (r 5991)
  • Better support of BigDecimal in GenericEntity, SQLProcessor, SqlJdbcUtil (r 5993)
  • Fixed possible NPE in transactions util when RollbackOnlyCause might be null (r 5994)
  • "view" request is now secured with https (r 5980)
  • Small fix in the subscription update service (r 6002)
  • Split up manufacturing service definition files into separate ones for bom, calendar, formula, mrp, production runs, and routing (r 5997)
  • New getProductRouting service to get a products' routing (r 5998)
  • Initial implementation of task time estimates based on formulae (r 5999, 6001)
  • Clean up, internationalization, and conversion of marketing application to screen-widget (r 5968)
  • Changed some comments to reflect earlier change (r 5930) of order list (r 5964)
  • Exploding auto-exploded marketing packages now can save the price rules used in OrderItemPriceInfo (r 5974)
  • Order manager will show ATP and QOH from all facilities while the order is being entered. This should probably be customized to reflect an organization's inventory management preferences (r 5976)
  • List of requirements now is ordered by a new status field (r 5981, 5982, 5983)
  • Tab button to list quote work efforts is now subject to permission checking (r 5986)
  • Added Party Rate screen to the profile page in Party Manager (r 5977)
  • Location of the party manager is parameterized in web.xml (r 5985)
  • Clean up of party look up form (r 5987)
  • Fixed problem with screen to edit party classification (r 5992)
  • Fixed catalog manager bug where updating or deleting a category rollup re-directs you to the child category instead of the parent category (r 5963, 5965)
  • Shipment pages now go to WorkEffortSummary instead of a non-existent "event" (r 5969)
  • Page for looking up shipments can now look up both purchase and sales shipments (r 5984)
Work Effort
  • Removed unneeded comment (r 5967)
  • Implementation of screens and services for time sheets (r 5970)
  • Bug fixes in the work effort web application (r 5973)
  • Ability to create or update invoices based on time sheets (r 5978)
  • Fixed bug in updateWorkEffort service (r 5996)