Friday, August 31, 2007

ofbiz r 571570

Forum fixes for content and ecommerce
Fix ModelService defaultValue to use converted object instead of String (569692)*
Implemented date service condition for ECA (569693)
Added little method like the addToDoubleInMap to do addToListInMap in UtilMisc (569749)*
Added an update method for OrderShipment, used when splitting ShipmentItems (569750)
Added a service to split a ShipmentItem for a given quantity; also splits OrderShipment record(s) (569751)
ECA condition message improvement (569763)*
Added few fields to WorkEffortAssocView. This makes possible to display and edit contents of workEffortTo entity from a list of children workEfforts. (569803, 569804)
Make fromDate optional in createFixedAssetRegistration service (569861)
Changed balanceInventoryItems service return a Set of order IDs that have left the backordered status based on this operation (569962)
Added new FinAccountStatus entity and removed some old fields isFrozen and inGoodStanding (570039, 570045, 570050, 570051, 570276)
Added code to set the FNACT_NEGPENDREPL statusId when the actual balance goes under 0 (570068)
Added set element for Entity ECA rules, and a simple service to be run as an EECA for watching entire entities or single fields on entities(570282)
Changed so that when set and action elements are interleaved for SECAs they run in the order specified instead of all set ops and then all actions ops (570283)
Enhancements to the watchEntity service which watches entity via EECA (570297, 570313)
added permission checking for price and adjustment changes (570578)
updated promo code form to allow manually setting the code, instead of forcing an auto-generated code (570599)
Cleaned up exception and error handling in getNextSeqId code, was redundant and the tx code in getNextSeqIdLong that getNextSeqId always calls wasn't handling commits right (570706)
Broke up the show cart screen some more into smaller ftl's (570846)
Fix rounding issues in general ledger posting routines because they did not have configurable BigDecimal rounding properties. (570894)
Implemented new service to get the list of active events where the logged in user is assigned in a specified role. (571103)
Added code to accept sales order if the user login is a sales rep of the customer in storeOrder. (571225)
simple implementation of textfield readonly attribute (for html forms) in form widget (571237)
Fix so it can refund and release correctly using void transactions. (571249)
Fixed bug where an order with one item partially backordered and maySplit set to Y was not available for picking. (571257)*
better error checking in JavaMailContainer (571262)
updated mailing services to track messageId in mail messages (in and out), updated mail polling to never create duplicate messages, and better store communication events (571229)
now supports sending (reply) messages back to user's without a contact mech ID on file (using the previous email from header), also sets the messageId on all outgoing messages so they can be linked back on replies (571300)
added messageId field to communication event (571301)
AUTO_EMAIL_COMM now has same SECAs as EMAIL (571302)
Rounding fixes to PaymentGatewayServices and ProductPromoWorker (571361)
Added missing input parameter to the importOrderFromEbay service (571426)*
Replaced 'estimated unit runtime' column with 'estimated total runtime' in production runs (571448)*
Add reason enum for credit to fin acct (569683)
Fix bug where dependent production runs were being created for parts which had ProductFacility thresholds but of 0. Now if it is a WIP or has any ProductFacility records, it is warehouse managed. (571525)