Friday, June 17, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5171

50 new commits thiw week. r5171 builds and installs successfully.

Significant Changes
  1. New screen in WebTools which lists all services available and, in detail, shows the parameters and class/method or script/method of each service.
  2. New order email template for ecommerce, replacing old ones.
  3. New screens for managing order role and quote role.
Thanks to our Contributors
This week's contributors include Jacques Le Roux, Joe Eckard, Matt Kasubaski, Ashish Hareet, David, Jacopo, Hans, and myself.

Entity and Seed Data
  • Re-classified GL Account Classes, which are "ASSET", "LIABILITY", "EQUITY, etc. as either DEBIT or CREDIT accounts by creating DEBIT and CREDIT GlAccountClass values and making them parent GlAccountClasses for everything else. (r5158)
  • More detailed abbrevations in for Uom entity for fluid ounce and pints (distinguishes UK vs US.) (r5163)
Base and Framework
  • Login errors no longer returned with html li tags any more (r5141)
  • alias-view-column is now turned on for MySQL in entityengine.xml (r5147)
  • Fixed bugs in FindCustomTimePeriods service. (r5150, r5157)
  • Internationalization (r5151, r5159)
  • new UtilDate.toTimestamp method to convert java.util.Date to java.sql.Timestamp (r5164)
  • Internationalization (r5132)
  • Updates to PayflowPro to do capture, void, refund and verisign to use newer fields, populate more info (r5160)
  • New view-entities AcctgTransAndEntries (r5162) and GlAccountAndHistory (r 5169) for doing income statements and balance sheets, respectively.
  • UI labels for financial statements (r5168)
Accounting/GL Implementation
  • Completed implementation of screen-based order notification emails. ecommerce/templates/email/OrderNoticeEmail.ftl replaces the old email templates. (r5122, 5123)
  • Internationalization (r5125)
  • Fixed ui label for the word "From" for rental items (r5137)
  • Fixes to communication event (r5142, r5143)
  • Fixed display of "Gift Card Number" (r5146)
  • css change for size of small images: height instead of width restrained (r5148)
  • Fixed layout and popus for calendar pages (r5152)
  • table to css formatting changes (r5153)
  • order detail now shows additional product information, including quantity, pieces, weight, height, width, depth. (r5161)
  • Fixed bad file name for ui labels. Now it works again. (r5134, r5136, r5138)
  • Internationalization (r5126)
  • Fixed inconsistent previous link (r5127)
  • Fixed orderItem comparison for rental order items (r5129)
  • finalizeMode of "payoption" is brought back during checkout payment options. There seems to be problems with "payment already received" payment methods. (r5130)
  • Services and screens for managing quote role (r5139)
  • For quotes, request roles are copied to quote roles (r5144)
  • Product descriptions shown in lists for quotes (r5144)
  • If no store shipping methods are found, ShippingEvents will now report "No applicable shipment method found" instead of "System error" (r5145)
  • Fixed bad link for adding quote items to cart (r5154)
  • HTML clean ups in product detail page (r5156)
  • product detail page shows additional information, see change in eCommerce above (r5161)
  • css changes for boxoutside, boxtop, and boxbottom tables (r5166)
  • Fixed ui label bug for "create new quote coefficient" and "create return" (r5171)
  • Fixed bugs for finding party relationship service (r5150)
  • More internationalization (r5124)
  • Re-factored cache management of ProductConfigWrapper for configurable products (r5131)
  • Catalog Manager's inventory page for products will now show products at all facilities, such as stores, etc., not just warehouses (r5140)
  • Fixed bug for creating new facilities (r5149)
  • Added missing header items for "Edit Product Features" (r5155)
  • Fixed bug for product reservations (r5165)
  • New screen to list all available services (r5167)
  • Calendar pages migrated to widgets (r5128)
  • UI changes (r5135)


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