Friday, June 24, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5205

34 new commits this week. SVN r 5205 builds successfully but entity engine tests could not run due to a Shark container problem.

Significant changes:
  1. Many improvements to the Request -> Quote -> Order process
  2. Significant internationalization of error messages and labels in the order and party managers
  3. Change in security setting: default now calls for all paswords to be encrypted. Non-ecrypted passwords will no longer work.
Thanks to Our Contributors
This week's contributors include Matt Kasubaski, Jean Luc Malet, Jacopo, David, Andy, and myself.

Entities and Seed Data
  • New INVENTORY_ACCOUNT glAccountTypeId created to set a default inventory account for an organization. (r5172)
  • PartyClassification no longer points to PartyClassificationType. Instead, PartyClassification ties Party and PartyClassificationGroup together, and PartyClassificationGroup has a partyClassificationTypeId. So, essentially, partyClassificationTypeId has been moved up from PartyClassification to PartyClassificationGroup. (r5173)
  • PartyContactMechPurpose now has relations going out to PostalAddress and TelecomNumber entities (so you don't have to go from PartyContactMechPurpose to ContactMech to PostalAddress any more...) (r5176)
  • OTHER_NO_POST paymentTypeId removed (r5191)
Base and Framework
  • By default, passwords now MUST be encrypted with SHA. (This was a change in the framework/security/config/ file, where password.accept.encrypted.and.plain is set to false by default.) All demo user files have been changed. (r5178, r5187) Shark container admin password fixed. (r 5188)
  • Service validation with UserLogin changed (r 5190)
  • Truition integration (r 5183)
  • New UtilMisc.addToDoubleInMap adds a Double to a key in a Map or creates a new one with the Double value if not already there (r 5195)
  • CSS layout fixes for cross-browser compatibility (r 5198)
  • New tests for creating large number of values in entity engine (r 5205)
  • New ui labels (r 5193)
Accounting/GL Implementation
  • Finished balance sheet
  • Created services to export GL transactions to an outside accounting/GL system. The first example is generating QBXML for Quickbooks. (Here is an example of an OFBiz transaction imported into Quickbooks.)
  • new service findLastClosedDate to find the last closed date and CustomTimePeriod, for doing balance sheets (r 5194)
  • convertUom service now works for dated uom conversions (ie, currencies) (r 5189)
  • ui labels improvements (r 5199)

  • Fixed problems when paryId does not change when the cart is already initialized (r 5175)
  • quoteName field added to the Quote entity (r 5179, r 5180)
  • Improvements to finalizeOrder, including customer info entry in anonymous checkout (r 5182)
  • Refunds for credit changed to CUSTOMER_REFUND paymentTypeId, with the from and to parties on the payment fixed (they were reversed) (r 5191)
  • Request -> Quote -> Order improvements, including: currency uom for maximum amount in CustRequest entity; currency and descriptions passed in as default values from request to quote; added Agent role for RequestRole; using standard price rules if quote has no price, when quote items are added to cart (r 5200)
  • Error message internationalization (r 5202)
  • Clean ups to the party lookup screens (r5174)
  • New routine to validate customer information in createCustomer and new service for updateCustomer (r5177)
  • Fixed missing go back link (r 5186)
  • Party relationship pages moved from JSP to screens, forms, and FTL (r 5192)
  • View profile migrated to screen widgets from JPublish, with new links for seeing payments of a party (r 5196)
  • Internationalization changes for French (r 5201)
  • Better error message handling in catalog manager when fields are missing (r 5181)
  • Fixed pagination errors and increased view size to 50 (from 20) rows for applying features from category (r 5203)
  • Fixed pagination in EditFeatureCategoryFeatures (r 5204)
  • Bad ui labels name fixed (r 5197)


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