Friday, September 07, 2007

ofbiz r 573673

Fixed issue with parameters on sendMailFromScreen (571656)
Service dispatcher will now process null context as an empty map (572275)
Changed entity-xml-assert to entity-xml with an action element to specify either assert or load; note that parsing code still supports old entity-xml-ass (572276, 572278)
Added some test cases for deadlock and lock wait timeout errors to be used when developing auto retry feature in service engine (572280)
Fix NPE in EntityDataAssert (572413)
Set ledger rounding to be 1 digit more than any other financial rounding setting to avoid rounding problems (572526)
UtilMisc.toSet methods (572841)*
Better handling of errors in ControlServlet esp with ServerHit saving (572931)
JSON event handler file upload fix (573023)
Changed seca for createTrackingCodeOrderReturns to run as system to avoid permission problems and also correctly record who ran the service (573041)
Asset maintenance ui cleanups
Fix permission problems (573137)
Refactor of service def attribute default-value (573140)
dispatcher was ignore the results of pre-auth and pre-in-validate eca responses (573300)
fixed payment method drop down to check permission before displaying full CC details (573353)
Add reason codes to fin account transactions (573405)
Fixed bugs in recently refactored FreeMarkerWorker: a Reader was always being created even if the template was cached, also the reader was never closed which means files stayed open until the garbage collector cleaned up these objects which on busy production systems could lead to many thousands of open files (573442)
Implementation to support restricting changed passwords to not allow the use of a previous password (573458)
create new UI for product store finAccount settings (573636)
support for new fin account replenishment modes: top-up, replenish-level (573638, 573640,
changed toSring() method to NOT display encyrpted fields for security; add new toStringInsecure() to get the insecure string value (573650)
order manager mass hold/process/cancel (573665) and reject (573673)