Friday, September 14, 2007

ofbiz r 575780

invoice formatting changed (PDF) as well as now added link to order(s) from the invoive items (573674)
Added sequence-bank-size to the tag to configure sequence bank sizes on a per-entity basis (573785)
Configured larger sequence-bank-sizes for ServerHitBin, Visitor, JobSandbox (573786)
Redid transaction management for job poller (573800)
refined service lock failure test cases (573813, 573956, 573973)
Added UtilMisc.staticWait method for doing a wait in a static method and without making the whole thing synchronized (573814)
ModelFieldType uppercase sql type in StringLength() method (573967, 574026)
CRUD services for WorkEffortSkillStandard entity. (574028)
Add a convinence service to create Timesheet for multiple parties. (574045)
New project manager application in specialpurpose/
avoid a division by zero exception in ORH (574124)*
Implemented ability to change the shipToParty in the cart (574259, 574538)
changed permission checks to look also at the _ROLE permissions when updating orders (574317)
Allow for different levels of precision for sales invoice and purchase invoice amounts (574397)
correct unencoded ampersand in screenrender (574442)*
added mode to service validation error message (574451)*
Updated javolution to 5.2.3 (574482, 574497, 574503)
Added service to test case that is currently not working where a service with a transaction with rollback only set can't call a service in its own transaction (574493)
add a new class to be able to add additional shoppinglists to an existing shoppingcart (574601)
WorkEffortServices.getWorkEffortEventsByPeriod(...) now accepts List of search criteria (574662)
Fix ServiceEventHandler small file uploading bug (574698)*
changed create promo code service to accept the ID from the form (574699)
added code to support importing promo codes and email addresses from a plain text file (one line for each code or email) (574700)
added code to disable ServiceHit and Visit tracking for defined requests (use new track-stats and track-visit attributes on the request URI); also supports disabling tracking per webapp (use init param track-stats and track-visit) (574709, 574715)
turned off visit and hit tracking for xmlrpc calls (574710, 574716, 575065)
Converted Fixed Asset service permission checking to use the new permission service method. Also fixed up the service descriptions. (574734)
avoid creating multiple CommEventRoles (574737)*
Companies --> Accounts now navigates to set of screens for managing GL activities. (574743)
Find journal entry screens (574777)
Re-Org of admin screens/menus (574816, 574830)
Changed a couple of log messages to be info instead of always (574837)
Completed the conversion of billing account payment screen to widgets. (574935)
Implemented service to create a payment and fully apply it in one step.
Added ability to the billing account payment screen to quickly create and associated a payment to the billing account. (574962, 574964, 574988)
Display quantity received on return items screen (575032)
Added ability to manage the information in the WorkEffortContactMech entity. (575258, 575321)
Fix date/time display in party manager view profile page. (575336)
Fixed a couple of issues with the tx tests, for deadlock the problem was with the test, also changed to hide error with the rollback only set and attempt to commit so doesn't show up as error or failure in test case (575366)
Small change so that if not specified needsInventoryReceive will default to null (575379)

implemented ServiceSemaphore; built in locking to prevent services (when defined) from running at the same time; uses database record to work with a cluser of application servers. Three modes are available: None - Does no locking; Wait - Waits for the previous service to complete (currently up to 5 minutes); Fail - Fails when the same service is already running. use the semaphore="none|wait|fail" in the service definition (none is the default when the attribute is not defined) (575074)

Added DBCP connection pool (575181)
refactored entity engine factory and transaction factories to allow full configuration of managed connections through entityengine.xml. You can now configure DBCP or Minerva (575396)
Small errors in HTML generation in receiveInventory.ftl (575402)
Increased timeouts for balanceInventoryItems and receiveInventoryProduct (575407)*
Fix a bug where MRP was using daysToShip to create requirements for parts. Also provide some information about MRP requirements: show productId and start date (575413, 575601*)
Email logging improvements (575491)*
Converted embedded Facility permissions checking to service-based permissions checking. Also added check for ADMIN permission, which wasn't being done. (575499)
Removed a couple of ORH methods which have been deprecated for over 2 years (575558)
Enhancements to Permission check service on Workeffort. Now if The user is in WORKEFFORTMGR_ROLE permission and is in role cal_owner role with workeffort OR if user is member of PARTY_GROUP that is in cal_owner role with workeffort then user gets permission to update workeffort. (575594)
Modified TaxAuthorityServices to use configured instead of hardcoded rounding (575418)
Updated workeffort contact mech services to use new permission service. (575632)

Updated log4j to 1.2.15 (575675)

Improved readability of the list of contact mechs associated to a work effort. (575761, 575765)
fixes the refund financial account code; added missing partyIds needed by returns to process (575780)