Friday, November 02, 2007

OFBIZ r 591432

Fixed problem with creating RecurrenceRules (588783)*

Some fixes for marketing packages (589049, 589248, 590004):
A few changes to the way auto marketing packages are handled:
1. No longer producing for the current order only, all orders are taken into account, so we're now trying to produce whatever will get the ATP back to zero.
2. Only producing what the available components will allow, ie. if we need to produce 10 units but only have enough components for 5 then that's all we'll produce.
3. Because of (1) no longer associating the production run to the order item via WorkOrderItemFulfillment.
4. Moved the call to createProductionRunForMktgPackage so that it is called when an order is edited as well (Fixes OFBIZ-714, the marketing package was decomposed when cancelling inventory reservations but not reproduced afterwards).

Property file addition to inhibit shipping estimate rate checks globally or for selected carriers (589081)
Fix bug where entering a noteId in the AddPartyNote screen causes a foreign key error (589084)*
Fix problem where CommonPermissionServices doesn't display service name in permission error message (589134)*
Moved Party Manager embedded permission checking to new permission checking service. (589144)
Fix bug adding workeffort to communications in party manager (589200)
Isolated Google Base integration into an indipendent specialpurpose component. (589315, 589499)*
Divided the keywordsearch.ftl template into two templates to enhance reusability:
keywordsearch.ftl now only displays the search results and keywordsearchactions.ftl displays the actions available on the results list (589317)
Some new delegator find methods (589514)
Fixed delegator issue with new Blob on the entity level and ByteBuffer on the service level stuff related to persisting actual bytes in the db related to persisting actual bytes in the db instead of an object wrapper; also some improvements to the null value and entity, etc; (589517)
A few cleanups in the PartyContent screen (589526)
Fix problem where UtilDateTime.toDate(int, int, int, int, int, int) does not initialise milisecond part of created date (589862)*
Fixed little bug where if the partyId is the same as that in the UserLogin the method was not setting the hasPermission result, whichn then it would not return a hasPermission value, resulting in an error in all such cases (589948)
Small change to not add null values to lists, will always throw an NPE (589967)
changed to merge error messages in ServiceECA action (589977)
fixes some inconsistencies in previous handling of failure and error messages, a handling of failure and error messages and cleanes up some things related to the recent result-to-result changes (591241)
directly upload 'digital download' files connected to a product using the latest content management services. (589981)
Better handling of ups rate service if it isn't setup (589992)*
Set the userLoginId when storing a new OrderStatus during shipment receipt (590022)
Fix bug where GiftCertificateServices.createTransaction() was being passed a null finAccountId (590034)
added code to display inventory across all facilities as well as the inventory associated with just the facility from the store (590265, 592066, 590268
added code which uses "rememberMe" parameter to store a cookie with the user's login ID) (590554)
Gone back to using Double for the order quantity when getting a ship estimate (590578)
show time-entry information on the invoice with the possibility to unlink (590611)
An attempt to shorten the Billing Account drop-down description during checkout (590617)*
PackingSession now using quantity ordered for Pack Order display rather quantity available (590941)
Set the billing account on the cart when running loadCartFromOrder (591254)*
Refactored the Invoice PDF report to share the common XSL-FO template used by the other PDF reports. (591275)
Fixes to anonymous checkout (590909, 591278, 591279)
Fix bug where Order manager's quick checkout wasn't recalculating shipping and tax costs before setting the payment details (591283)*