Thursday, October 18, 2007

ofbiz r 586139

Java 5 markups for a whole bunch of framework stuff
switch from StringBuffer to StringBuilder
Use FastMap, FastList, etc.
String interning to reduce memory usage

Improved Common Permission Checking Simple Method & Messages (584399)
Fix bug where Main navigation won't display links for apps when user has only _ADMIN permission (584400)
Ofbiz with Google checkout. (584440)*
Customer must add a virtual product to the cart to get the price of that product (584531)*
RequestHandler typos (584697)
Added 'description' field and accessor methods to the ModelField and ModelViewEntity.ModelAlias classes to store the field level description specified in the entity definition ( tags). (584700)
Adding column for % markup in Order Item report. (584706)
minor change to PartyContentWrapper which changes variable name and cache key as this was copy/paste from another class (584831)*
in view definitions, group-by fields that are not in the select clause are not added to the group by section. (585051)
Completed implementation (in controller's event and user interface) for security code for credit cards. (585172)*
Allow a negative scrap factor to function like a salvage factor in BOMs (585198)

CRUD services and admin forms and screens for ProductStoreVendorShipment and ProductStoreVendorePayment entity. (585364)
Share login screens (585393)
Now the Webtools application reuses the login screens defined in the common component. (585396)
support for RTL languages (585398)
Geo data for India (585403)*
Fixed incorrect logic, introduced in rev. 584400, that was causing a problem in the main application bar: all the applications were visible to a user with the OFBTOOLS permission. (585432)

If a path in ofbiz-component.xml is not absolute, try to load the
sub-files relative to the location of the ofbiz-component.xml file. ${ofbiz.home} is no longer necessary. (585518)

small change to better avoid conflicting threads grabbing the same sequences to SequenceUtil (586079)*

Adding Export Inventory Item report in CSV format in Facility manager. (586139)